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Science, Engineering and English

Teacher: Grant Oddoye (Edinburgh)

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Learn Science

Science, Engineering and English

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This course covers the fundamental physical concepts and engineering applications associated with the various different technical industries such as electronics, software, medical, energy, utilities and IT.

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Many real world examples covered on a variety of scales - from the very small (quantum level) to the very large (universal scale). Modern day case studies and companies readily discussed.

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Grant Oddoye

Spoken languages: English, German, French


I'm a native English speaker from the UK and Ghana, and I work as a science teacher and electronic/IT/software engineer. I enjoy teaching because of the satisfaction associated with helping people learn new skills such as industry specific methods, tools and processes. My personal interests include sports and composing, writing and producing music.


MEng/BA (Hons.) from Cambridge University, UK, in 2004 (4-Year Unified Engineering/Electrical and Information Engineering Masters Course)


I've taught High School and University-level Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Engineering, IT and ICT in Ghana, China and Japan. I've also taught Business English to professional adults in various different training centres.

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Learn Science: Science, Engineering and English

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