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Mathematics for GRE/SAT

Teacher: Koustabh Dolui (Milano)

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Learn Mathematics

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1 student: EUR €8.00
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Learn Mathematics

Mathematics for GRE/SAT

Course description:

If Mathematics is your fear, forget it dear!

My course will cover in depth topics on Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Probability and more! Practice the basic concepts and master the problems to reach your dream score!

Two customized classes for students as per requirement!

Teaching approach:

I believe Mathematics has its own path and flow, it is not only about having to learn formulae but being able to apply them in the real world. I will help to grasp the practicality of Mathematics and how these are part of our every day lives. I believe in an approach where you are not restricted to being able to solve only particular types of problems but to encounter any challenged on any given topic!

Course program:

8 Topics distributed over 8 classes, 2 customized classes for students.

1. Number System
a. Number System

2. Arithmetic
a. Average and percentage
b. Profit and loss/simple and compound interest
c. Ratio, proportion/introduction to time and distance
d. Time and distance/mixture allegations
e. Time and work/ cisterns and pipes

3. Algebra
a. Equations (simple/simultaneous/quadratic)
b. Inequalities & Modulus
c. Word Problems
d. Sequences & Series

4. Functions &Defined Operators
a. Functions & Defined Operators

5. Geometry
a. Transversal/Triangles
b. Quadrilaterals
c. Circles
d. Solid Geometry
e. Co-ordinate geometry

6. Statistics
a. Central Tendency/dispersion/normal distribution
b. Frequency distribution, quartiles, Percentiles

7. Counting
a. Set Theory
b. Probability
c. Permutations
d. Combinations

8. Data Interpretation
a. Data Interpretation

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Mathematics classes, Milano
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Mathematics classes, Milano
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Koustabh Dolui

Spoken languages: English, Hindi


Hi there on the other side! I am Koustabh Dolui from India, now studying abroad in Milan for my Masters Course in Telecommunications. I teach elementary, secondary and higher secondary level Mathematics. I teach Mathematics to students from professionals to undergraduates as well for SAT and GRE. I am also an official tutor of ETS TOEFL. I have been teaching for the last 4 years in my home country and would like to continue helping students from all around the world loose their fear of Mathematics.


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications
St. Thomas' College of Engineering and Technology, Kolkata
Graduated July 2013

Score of 96.82 %le in CAT, India, a competitive test taken on English, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning taken by over 100,000 applicants every year.

Score of 321 in GRE, Verbal 156, Quant 165, AWA 4.5


I have been taking GRE classes for the last 1 year for both Verbal and Quantitative.

I am an official TOEFL instructor certified by ETS.

I have been taking Mathematics Classes for School Students in Standards V-XII for the last 4 years.

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Learn Mathematics: Mathematics for GRE/SAT

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