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Electrical Circuits

Teacher: Vlad Constantinescu (Montreal)

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Learn Physics

Electrical Circuits

(Circuits electriques)

Course description:

Kirchhoff law, Ohm's law, soldering, induction, magnetism, solving circuits, active/passive elements, circuit equations, building circuits on breadboards, circuit design implementation testing and improvements, amplifiers, TV circuitry, AM/FM, impedance matching, circuit tuning, smith chart, etc.

Lois de Kirchhoff et d'Ohm, induction, magnetisme, équations liées aux circuits, éléments actifs/passifs, design/implementation/tests, amplificateurs, circuits de TV, AM/FM, soudure, abaque de Smith, adaptation d'impedance, etc.

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In-depth, extensive view of circuit concepts and applications. The course is unique in that there are hands-on practical circuit building (including soldering, testing on oscilloscopes, etc.) sessions within each part of the course.

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Vlad Constantinescu

Spoken languages: English, French, Romanian


I am a U4 student in Electrical Engineering at McGill University. 1 on 1 math tutoring with a bunch of my colleagues in the Electrical Engineering department, as well as tutoring my friends throughout high school.

I, myself, have been tutored in Math throughout highschool, and I am thus familiar with the common practices/types of exercises used to reinforce knowledge.Easy going, open-minded, and most importantly patient. Can relate to students who struggle with math and loves to approach effective ways of learning to reach maximum results in the minimum amount of time. A firm believer in visual teaching/learning.

Love sports, technology, music..


Math & Science high school diploma, Colegiul Mircea cel Batran, Valcea, Romania, 2008.

Teccart, DEC Telecommunications, 2011.

McGill University bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, 2015.


Math - Pre, Intermediate, Advanced Calculus, Alegbra I and II, Complex Variables with Applications, 3D + 2D Geometry - Advanced Topics, Numerical Methods.

Physics - Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Rotational Bodies, Quantum Physics, An Introduction to Astrophysics.

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