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Activism Object Herstellung

Lehrer: Grace McMicken (Berlin)

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Activism Object Herstellung

(Activism Object Making)


Wenn Sie leidenschaftlich über einen positiven Einfluss auf Ihre Gemeinschaft sind, sollten Sie sich eine kreative und möchte Verbindungen mit anderen Künstlern zu machen, ist für Sie diese Klasse .

If you are passionate about making a positive impact on your community, consider yourself a creative, and want to make connections with other artists, this class is for you.


I am not the boss of my students. I am a facilitator of conversation and nothing more. It is up to you to come prepared to work, problem solve, come up with ideas, and create whatever you desire. Activism Object Making is geared specifically for students who consider themselves activists, passionate about using all art forms for social change.

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Grace McMicken

Sprachen: Englisch


Hello! :)

My name is Grace and I have been teaching independently out of my home for about six months now. I originally come from the states, in Portland, Oregon. I recently came to Berlin to visit and fell completely in love and I have to stay! Teaching is my passion for many reasons. It allows me to meet so many wonderful, curious, passionate individuals of all ages. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone turn their face from blank to student.

I started college at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado where I studied Graphic Design and Sculpture for three years. I then transferred to Oregon College of Art and Craft where I studied Fiber Arts for a semester. I decided about a year ago that my truest love is teaching, and I have had an art studio in my basement in Portland, teaching, for several months.

I have specific skills in sculpture of many kinds, painting, printmaking, sewing, pattern design for wearables, and concept design. Why you are creating what you create is just as important, if not more important, than how. Having this dialogue is engaging and enticing for me. I love it!


3.5 years studying for a BFA, currently in the process of applying for University in Berlin and completing my degree.


I have experience working with teenagers in Portland, OR, USA, both homeschooled and in high school, teaching painting, drawing, and sculpture.

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Kunst lernen: Activism Object Herstellung

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