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Privat tanztraining

Lehrer: Karen Harvey (Berlin)

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Privat tanztraining

(Private dance training)


Zeitgenössisches Tanztraining. Um Bodenarbeit , Körperpräsenz , Anlage, Improvisation zum Ausdruck , Musikalität und Energie.

Contemporary Dance training. Focused on floor work, body presence, conditioning, improvisation for expression, musicality and energy.


My teaching method seeks to empower individuals with strength, knowledge and freedom in their body. As an artist/choreographer, the exercises and movements are based in my own movement style and personal practice, along with extensive experience in exercise science and neuromuscular training. I blend together different points of view to create a well rounded training in dialogue with each clients preferences, and always with the goal to get clients moving / sweating / dancing.


Level 1 - basic floor training and body presence
Level 2 - core strengthening, full range of motion movements, alignment from floor to standing positions
Level 3 - basic explosive movements into/out of the floor; crawling, bouncing, jumping, moving quickly
Level 4 - learning choreography & develop individual improvisation practice
Level 5+ - incorporation of each level above into a singular challenging program

* each level is taught according to the individuals experience and abilities. Both beginners and advanced students will move through all the levels, progressing forward approximately every 3-6 weeks or once a change is noticeable in the body.

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Tanzkurse, Berlin
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Karen Harvey

Sprachen: Englisch


Contemporary dance instruction and improvisation movement practice for anyone who loves dancing and music. The training improves body awareness, physicality, coordination, strength, musical awareness, speed and self expression.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Contemporary Dance, University North Carolina School of the Arts, 2004 (USA).

Multiple certifications in exercise science and personal training (USA): NSCA-CSCS, NASM-CPT, EFTI-Tier 3.


Contemporary dance training, and improvisation for professionals and pre-professionals (NYC-USA, Germany, Lithuania, Mexico).

Exercise science, personal training, movement and improvisation for business professionals, visual artists and photographers (NYC-USA).

Movement and dance workshops for children (NYC-USA).

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Tanz lernen: Privat tanztraining

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