Englischlehrer - Berlin

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Stadt / Herkunftsland: Berlin

Muttersprache: Englisch

Sprachen: Italienisch


Ciao ! My name is Tania Giovo and I am a 24 year old American/Italian. I have spent 22 of my 24 years in the United States of America and the last 2 years in Firenze. I have taught with the London School and freelance taught to my Italian, French and German friends for quite some time. I love teaching English because it helps me connect with people from all over the globe and uses my personal knowledge to help better someones life. Having recently moved to Berlin I see how important English can be. I am a dancer who loves music and the arts.


I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Florida State University. I have taught with the London School for two years in Firenze, Italia.


I have taught English for almost 4 years now. First freelance with one on one type situations and then with the London School in Firenze.