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English for University Preparation

Profesor: Rae Davis (Bilbao)

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Aprender inglés

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Aprender inglés

English for University Preparation

Descripción del curso:

Thinking about going to university in an English-speaking country? Learn, improve, and practice your academic English skills, like essay writing. We will work on listening and speaking, reading and writing, working with subjects you find interesting, like zombies and video games.

Método de enseñanza:

Learning academic English can be boring and dry. With this course, I offer students the chance to learn, improve, and practice skills while talking about things that are current, interesting, and awesome. We can practice reading skills by reading excerpts from The Hunger Games, or writing skills by writing about gender and pop music. I want my students to be engaged with the material by being part of the lesson planning process, allowing them to decide what we use as lesson subjects.

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Rae Davis

Ciudad y país de origen: Toronto, Canada

Lengua materna: Inglés


Hello! My name is Rae, from Toronto, Canada. I moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands to experience life elsewhere before starting my Masters degree in literature and cultural studies. I love World literatures, political philosophy, and very very loud music! I've spent almost 5 years as a private English tutor and proofreader and I would love to help you learn or perfect your English speaking, listening, reading, and especially writing.

As I have been working for many years to learn French, I know how difficult and intimidating learning a new language can be, so I aim to give my students the comfort and security to practice English by learning about things they are interested in, things that excite them, and things they think are cool. I want my courses to be fun and effective and tailored to what my students need.


Bachelor of Arts, Hons - English Literature and Philosophy, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada - 2013.
Teaching English as a Second Language, OISE - University of Toronto, 2014.


At Carleton in Ottawa, I worked as a private tutor for international students whose first language was not English. I taught listening and note- taking skills, academic writing skills, conversation practice, and strategies for reading and understanding academic texts. My students were primarily adult learners from outside Canada.

Also, I designed and led workshops for mature students for academic language skills in Ottawa, Canada.
I also have privately tutored for history courses, women's and gender studies courses, and philosophy courses.

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