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Classical guitar

Profesor: gonzalo barreiros (Buenos Aires)

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Aprender la guitarra

Classical guitar

Descripción del curso:

Classical guitar technique from zero or from you already are. The basis of a good classical guitar technique: right hand, left hand, arpeggios, scales, exercises, studies.

Método de enseñanza:

Step by step practice and logical reasoning to develop a good foundation on classical guitar. It's not about repeating for hours in a row without understanding what we are doing, but rather to think what and how we will do, then slowly practice the principles, watching carefully and avoiding mistakes from the start.

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gonzalo barreiros

Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Español


I am a guitar teacher from Buenos Aires. I teach since 1985 after studying under many guitar teachers in Rosario city, Argentina, including the late Inés Panero de Zemp, Claudio Zemp, Víctor Rodríguez, Juan Mercadal and Graciela Domenech. I studied also chamber music, and I played lute in a Renaissance Music Ensamble. As a guitar player, I played with many different musicians (duets, trios, etc.), and I also composed music for theatre plays. I am interested in music as a way to discover the brain's possibilities and as a way to improve our human life.

Being a classical guitar player, I teach also many styles, from folk to blues, jazz, etc.

I am also a sailor and I love wooden sailboats.


Guitar Professor. Escuela Nacional de Música de Rosario. 1987


I used to teach a lot of students in my country, Argentina, but many of them are from other countries. Most of the students I teach to enter a University or Music School passed their examinations with success.

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Aprender la guitarra: Classical guitar

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