Apprendre la clarinette Montreal

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Apprendre la clarinette


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Through our love and the sense for aesthetics we all poses, using our energy and brain, we create music that’s unique and yet understandable and compelling, that reaches human’s heart and speaks about our feelings.

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Focusing on: right embouchure, fingerings, breathing, sound, evening the registers and techniques;

Working on: melody and phrases, rhythm, articulation;

Understanding the mood of a given tune/theme and choosing the “right” approach of expressing the author’s idea

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Cours de clarinette, Montreal
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Cours de clarinette, Montreal
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Cours de clarinette, Montreal
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Tihomir Krastev

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Bulgare


Hi, music is what I like doing the most. I love playing, arranging, composing, teaching, producing etc. You can hear me playing on Lana Stamen's 2013 Jazz Ballad Album "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" (iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon). My contribution to the record includes also all arrangements and a few original compositions. I'm currently composing and arranging for my quartet that features some of the most active names on the Montreal jazz scene.

An essential advantage in my work as a teacher is my experience in performing different musical genres - Jazz, Classical, Pop - in both large and small ensembles. Through my knowledge, energy and sense of musical aesthetics, I teach my students in their desired musical style and direction and assist them in their creative process.


My educational background includes:
• Jazz Studies at Concordia University, Montreal
• Studied Saxophone with Dave Turner and Kirk MacDonald
• BA in Jazz Performance - Saxophone (New Bulgarian University)
• Musical College - Clarinet, Harmony, Polyphony, Piano etc.


While still in my native Bulgaria, I was teaching clarinet, saxophone, improvisation, harmony, rudiments etc. After moving to Canada, I've continued giving lessons and I've found that my European (more classical) style of teaching and explaining have been very well received by the students.

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Apprendre la clarinette: Clarinet

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