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Apprendre les mathématiques Montreal

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Apprendre les mathématiques



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Topics include but are not limited to: equations, matrices, polynomials and factoring, systems of linear equations, inequalities, quadratic, radicals, probabilities, trigonometry, sequences and series, group theory, sums, products, Riemann sums, and others.

Equations, matrices, polynomes et leurs factorisation, systemes d'equations lineares, inequalites, fonctions quadratiques, radicales, probabilites, trigonometrie, sequences et series, theories analitiques, sommes, produits, et autres.

Méthode d'enseignement :

General concepts + application in selected fields such as engineering, finance, science. I am a strong believer in visual reinforcement whenever possible, and my past students have stressed how this has eased their understanding of mathematical theory. I am dynamic in my approach, and I tailor my class to the needs/interests of the student.

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Vlad Constantinescu

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Roumain


I am a U4 student in Electrical Engineering at McGill University. 1 on 1 math tutoring with a bunch of my colleagues in the Electrical Engineering department, as well as tutoring my friends throughout high school.

I, myself, have been tutored in Math throughout highschool, and I am thus familiar with the common practices/types of exercises used to reinforce knowledge.Easy going, open-minded, and most importantly patient. Can relate to students who struggle with math and loves to approach effective ways of learning to reach maximum results in the minimum amount of time. A firm believer in visual teaching/learning.

Love sports, technology, music..


Math & Science high school diploma, Colegiul Mircea cel Batran, Valcea, Romania, 2008.

Teccart, DEC Telecommunications, 2011.

McGill University bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering, 2015.


Math - Pre, Intermediate, Advanced Calculus, Alegbra I and II, Complex Variables with Applications, 3D + 2D Geometry - Advanced Topics, Numerical Methods.

Physics - Mechanics, Fluids, Thermodynamics, Rotational Bodies, Quantum Physics, An Introduction to Astrophysics.

Cours offerts par ce professeur :

Apprendre les mathématiques: Calculus

Apprendre les mathématiques: Algebra

Apprendre les mathématiques: Trigonometry + Geometry

Apprendre la physique: Electrical Circuits

Apprendre la physique: Quantum Physics

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