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Apprendre les percussions Ottawa

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Drum Lessons

Professeur: Alex Zabloski (Ottawa)

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Apprendre les percussions

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Apprendre les percussions

Drum Lessons

(Leçons de batterie)

Description du cours :

Ongoing private drum lessons - beginner or intermediate. Suitable for students of all ages, lessons build on the student's current level of proficiency by introducing new techniques, exercises, and repertoire, with a fun and stimulating balance between challenge and achievability.

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No curriculum is suitable for all learners. We all have our own motivations for learning to play an instrument, and not everyone benefits from the conservatory approach. I listen to you and what you hope to get out of taking lessons, and I design your classes with you in mind. From exercises and course materials to repertoire selection and style, my lessons are always custom-tailored to your specific interests, goals, and needs.

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1 étudiant : CAD $50.00*
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En ligne : 60, 90, 120 minutes

En personne: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Alex Zabloski

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français


I'm a musician, composer and sound designer working primarily in theatre. I offer private lessons at beginner and intermediate levels in piano/keyboard, drums, percussion, vocal percussion, accordion, flute, guitar, and ukulele. I also offer workshops (group or individual) in music creation using found objects, as well as tutoring/consultation in composition, theory, and harmony. My teaching style is fun and unconventional, with custom lessons tailored to each student's individual goals, interests, and needs.


Bachelor of Arts, Major in Music, University of Ottawa, 2011 - Lessons in composition with Steven Gellman.


Teaching beginner piano to children, Ottawa ON.
Giving group workshops in music creation with found objects to children and youth, Ottawa ON.
Directing vocal rehearsals with professional performers of varying levels of musical experience as part of my responsibilities as current Director of Music and Sound for the Ottawa Stilt Union (theatre company), Ottawa ON.

Cours offerts par ce professeur :

Apprendre le piano: Piano Lessons

Apprendre les percussions: Drum Lessons

Apprendre la guitare: Guitar Lessons

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