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Preparation for exams

Professeur: Adine Thivierge-Wight (Saskatoon)

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Preparation for exams

Description du cours :

This class will help you to concentrate your efforts in looking at the big picture of a subject, unit or course and help you determine what you should study for. This course would be suitable for elementary - high school level student(s) focusing on humanities, biology, photgraphyy or info proc.

Méthode d'enseignement :

Organizing your notes and making concept maps to discover what that big picture of the course is. Going through practice exams and also providing visuals for people that just cant read over notes to prep and actually want to learn and know why they are learning the content.

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Adine Thivierge-Wight

Ville / Pays d'origine : Canada

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Langues parlées : Anglais


Hi there, I am a 30 year old female who is very creative, patient and organized. I have experience tutoring for preparation for exams and compilation of essays. I have taught woodworking, drafting and other practical and applied courses for six years now. I'm passionate about life long learning and improving classroom settings through inclusive education. I love what I do everyday and can't get enough of teaching and tutoring. I can help with exam preparation, essay writing, editing and proofreading. I'm proficient in photography, English, history, social studies, psychology, electronics, info processing and religious studies specifically with eastern religion.


1. Bachelor of arts major in history and religious studies. University of Saskatchewan. 2005
2. Bachelor of education major in practical and applied arts. University of Saskatchewan. 2008.


I have taught woodworking, drafting, design and computer drafting for 6 years. I have experience teaching English as an additional language with students in a one on one setting in my home or nearby library.

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Tutorat: Preparation for exams

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