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Cours de communication Scarborough

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Cours de communication

Business English

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Improve your Business English skills so you can be better equipped in the work environment. Learn to write professional emails and participate in meetings. The course will also help students to carry on conversations in person and on the telephone.

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Students specific areas of interest will be addressed. They will learn to conduct themselves in various business settings to perform better at work and social settings.

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Farah Ali

Langues parlées : Anglais


I have been a lecturer and trainer for over 10 years. Although I've been in Canada since 1992, I've lived in 6 countries. My passion in life is to share my education and life experiences to my students and clients. I enjoy seeing my students improve and grow. My interests are documentary production, self-development and meeting new cultures.


TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Canada, 2010.

Master's in Journalism, Canada, 2002.

Bachelor's of Business Administration, U.S.A, 1999.


Toronto, Canada:
Business Verbal Communications (presentation skills, listening, emotional intelligence, conflict management, personality style, interpersonal communications etc.)
Business English.
English as a Second Language.
English for academic Purpose.

English as a Second Language

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Cours de communication: Interpersonal Communications

Cours de communication: Business English

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