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Liesa Carton


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City / Country of origin: Ghent, Belgum

Mother language: Dutch

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French


Hello! I'm a Dutch native speaker with a master's degree in English and Spanish Linguistics and Literature, with experience as an English tutor, and as a hip-hop dance teacher. I'm from the beautiful Belgian city called Ghent, and right now I'm living in Montreal. I love making learning fun, by using media that the student likes, such as videos, music, books, ... Or by going some place and learning the vocabulary of that particular place (e.g. the park, the store) - I know it works for me! My interests vary from music and books to running and science.


Master's in Literature and Linguistics English and Spanish, University of Ghent, 2011.

Master's in Journalism, Erasmushogeschool Etterbeek (Brussels), 2012.


English, to Belgian secondary school students, around Ghent, Belgium.

Hip-hop dance to children from ages 6 until 18, around Ghent, Belgium

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