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Alice Giulia Urso


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City / Country of origin: Petrosino, Italy

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, Portuguese, French

"Very interesting. Alice is good."LI, Montreal

"Alice is a very good teacher. The courses are more interesting each time. She adapts her courses easily to our needs. I highly recommand her."Louis, Montreal


II am a certified italian teacher. I came from Italy and I just arrived in Canda. Each course will be tailored to your needs, level and interests. Chance to do lessons in culture, history and Italian literature. I have a degree in foreign languages ​​(Portuguese) so I know the difficulties involved in learning a foreign language. My interests are literature, photography and music.


Degree in Lisnguistics mediation at University of Perugia, 2011.

I.E.L.T.S. certificate at South Thames College, London, 2012.

DITALS certificate as italian teacher for foreign people at University for Foreign Peolple of Siena, 2013.


Teaching experience at Comitato Linguistico, Perugia.

Actually I'm working for PICAI as italian teacher at St.Paul school.

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Italian Conversation