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Music Teachers - Montreal

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City / Country of origin: Monterrey, Mexico

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: English, Spanish


My name is Saul Solis, I'm originally from Mexico and I'm currently working in Montreal, Quebec. I have a degree in Animation and Digital Arts and a post-graduate in Sound Design for Visual Media. I'm a musician and a multi-instrumentalist. I compose and produce music; soundtracks for video games and film. Currently I'm working as a Foley Artist at a post-production sound company and as a Latin American Spanish localization tester at a video game testing company.


Sound Design for Visual Media - Vancouver Film School (2012-2013).

Animation and Digital Arts - Tecnológico de Monterrey (2007-2011).


Sound design lessons - Monterrey, México - University students.

Drum lessons - Monterrey, México - Kids between 8 and 12 years old.

Piano lessons - Monterrey, México - Teenagers.