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City / Country of origin: Joinville, Brasil

Mother language: Portuguese

Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish


Olá! Eu sou a Kika, sou de Santa Catarina, no Brasil e vivo em Montreal há quse seis anos. Adoro música, cinema e literatura e tento incluir esses elementos nas minhas aulas. Eu adoro conhecer novas pessoas e trocar experiências com os estudantes.

Hi! I am Kika, I am from Santa Catarina, Brazil, and I have been living in Montreal for almost six years. I adore music, cinema and literature and I strive to include those elements in my classes. I like to meet new people and exchange experiences with students.


CEFLE - Certificat d'enseignement de langue séconde, ISLC, 2014.

Sustainable development - UnB, 2005.

International relations - UnB, 2001.


I have five years of experience as a Portuguese teacher and have a certificate for teaching a foreign language with the communicative method. My classes are fun and entertaining, with a lot of practice, conversation and the use of audiovisual resources, always considering grammar, vocabulary, culture and usage of the language.

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Português para estrangeiros