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Viola Galvani


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City / Country of origin: Padova, Italy

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, French, German


Hi, I am a Joint Master Graduate in English and French Language and Literature, and I'm writing here to offer you individual classes of Italian, my mother tongue. I love to learn new languages (I'm currently learning my fourth language), and teaching them. Also, I love to live in new countries and (guess) meeting new people with whom I can share my linguistic knowledge.


2013: Joint Master Degree in English and American Language and Literature in New York, Paris, Venice, Graz, Bamberg, Pecs.

2012-2013: 2nd Year of Master at Paris Diderot VII, Paris.

2011: Bachelor Degree in English and French Language and Literature.

2009-2010: 2nd Year of Bachelor at University of Kent, Canterbury.


I taught Italian in England and France to fellow students during my periods abroad, and engaged in extra-academic workshops and conferences about teaching Italian to foreign students.

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