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City / Country of origin: Los Angeles, California USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: Spanish, Korean


I was born in LA to hispanic parents so I grew up speaking both english and Spanish. I majored in English Literature and left the US to teach English in South Korea for 3 years. I later left to travel around, which led me to meeting my current partner in South Africa. She's dutch, which is why I've come to live in the Netherlands.

I love to play guitar and make music, cycle and rock climb. I'm pretty opinionated and can talk about virtually anything since I tend to try to learn new things in my free time. I try to make lessons as fun as possible and keep you motivated and invested in the topics we choose to talk and write about.


San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 2005 – 2009
• Bachelor of English
• Concentration: Literature
I to I Tefl/Tesol Course:
• Large Classes
• Business
• Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification


I taught business, group, primary school and advanced level english for over 4 years in Korea and Los Angeles.
I taught business and academic English in Los Angeles and New Zealand for two years.

Tutor 826 Valencia, San Francisco, CA September2006 – June 2008
Roosevelt Middle School, San Francisco, CA January 2007 – June 2007

English teacher Seoknam Elementary School February 2010-February 2012
Daegok Elementary School March 2012- March 2013

Private tutor for SAT and University Essay Writing 2009-2015