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Slovenian or English with native speaker


July 09

Close to native Slovenian are my English language skills in case one is of your greater interest. I am also fluent in several other languages, and therefore well familiarized with language learning techniques as well as with challenges(strong psychology background and patience ready) students need to overcome to became proficient language speakers.

I provide professional language tutoring services through relaxed atmosphere for all generations and this regardless of their backgrounds. I became interested in working with international audience from all over the world due to international journalism I am involved into.

Educated as mechanical engineering technician with over 15 years of experience as professional video creator, book and article writer. Sole owner and editor of independent Auser Times news outlet, fluent in several other languages, and who occasionally has also provided anywhere from professional translation services to language tutoring for adults and children, I welcome you all to my page.

For further details, please visit my resume at

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