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Teacher: Filisia Douvara (Athens)

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Μαθήματα Ελληνικών online

(Online modern greek courses)

Course description:

Το μάθημα προσαρμόζεται στις ανάγκες του κάθε μαθητή και στο κάθε επίπεδο. Η οπτικοποίηση είναι πολύ σημαντική και η χρήση πίνακα είναι βασικό εργαλείο. Χρησιμοποιείται το κατάλληλο εγχειρίδιο, έξτρα, εξάσκηση στην επικοινωνία, ηχητικά αρχεία , βίντεο, links, κ.λπ.

The courses are structured accordingly to each student's needs. Visualiziation is very essential and a whiteboard is a basic tool. The suitable book is used, extra material from other books, communication practice, vocabulary enrichment, audio and video files, online links, etc.

Los cursos se estructuran segun su nivel. Visualiziation es mu esencial y se utiliza una pizarra como herramienta basica. Se usa el libro apropiado para cada estudiante, extra material de otros libros, practica de comunicacion, enriquecimieno de vocabulario, auditivos y videos, enlaces, etc.

Teaching approach:

Profound knowledge and specialization with the top degree on this field and more than 10 years of experience. Passion and respect for my job and for each student's needs and time. Comprehension of student types from the very beginning and combination of modern communication techniques as well as more traditional methods where needed. The more you learn, the more you feel you need to stay and advance!

Places where you can take this course:

Greek classes, Athens

Coffee shop: Central Hotel Athens
Απόλλωνος 21, Αθήνα 105 57, Ελλάδα

Greek classes, Athens

Coffee shop: ΩΡΑΙΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ (Η)
Πλ. Βαρνάβα 34, Αθήνα 116 34, Ελλάδα

Greek classes, Athens


Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates:

1 student:EUR €30.00*
2 students:EUR €20.00 per student*
3+ students:EUR €15.00 per student*
 Trial class: minus 75% promotional discount*

* Plus EUR €3.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: EUR €3.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Filisia Douvara

City / Country of origin: Athens, Greece

Mother language: Greek

Spoken languages: English, Spanish

About the teacher

I am a 39 years old, native Greek linguist of modern Greek and I reside in Athens. My studies involve history, archaeology and teaching of Greek as a second/foreign language. I offer lessons for individuals or groups, via Skype or "live person" courses. I have great experience and a lot of students from all around the world. Our lessons are going to be tailored to each person's needs.


Diploma of teaching Greek as a second/foreign language (Centre of Hellenic Language, 2015)
Bachelor in History and Archaeology Department (2006, National University of Athens, Greece)
Translation Diploma (2003, British Council, Greece)
Translation Certificate of Subtitling (2002, British Council, Greece)
Certificate of Proficiency (Cambridge University, 1994)


Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and oral skills, grammar, syntax, cultural and history topics. I basically teach via Skype to people from all around the world. I have students of various ages, all adults and with different goals (exams, learning for pleasure, learning for business reasons)

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  • Tell the teacher about you or your group
  • Book your own classes
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