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Englisch Konversationskurse

Teacher: Victoria Longo (Innsbruck)

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Englisch Konversationskurse

(English Conversation)

Course description:

Sie erlernen anhand von verschiedenen Themengebieten (wirtschaftliche, kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Themen) freies und fließendes Sprechen und gepflegte Konversation. Nach diesem Kurs sollten Sie keine Scheu mehr haben, gute englische Konversation zu führen.
Inhalte:Erweiterung des Wortschat

This course is to practice English conversation, based on communicational skills, use of vocabulary in different situations. You won't be shy to speak English anymore! Let's practice! The goal is to meet students' needs and objectives.

Este curso es para practicar inglés, usando un método totalmente comunicativo para que el alumno no tenga reparos en comunicarse con fluidez en inglés. Se adaptarán situaciones reales concretas, uso de vocabulario y actualidad. El objetivo es cubrir las necesidades del estudiante.

Teaching approach:

My teaching approach is totally communicational, I am a formal believer of the 'learning by doing' methodology (J. Dewey). And, hence, a language should be learnt by practicing and communicating in real situations, having as many Opportunities to Respond (OTRs) as possible and using vocabulary and sentence frames provided.

Course program:

This course will be customized depending on student's needs, because not all the students require the same! So, let's get started!

Places where you can take this course:

English classes, Innsbruck

Library: Stadtbibliothek Innsbruck
Amraser Str. 2, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

English classes, Innsbruck

Library: Sowi Library Innsbruck
Universitätsstraße 15, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

English classes, Innsbruck

University: University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

English classes, Innsbruck

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English classes, Innsbruck

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English classes, Innsbruck

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates:

1 student:EUR €20.00*
2 students:EUR €16.00 per student*
3+ students:EUR €8.00 per student*

* Plus EUR €3.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: EUR €3.00 (per student)

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Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Victoria Longo

City / Country of origin: Innsbruck

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese

About the teacher

Hello! My name is Victoria and I would love to be your English teacher. I have been teaching for more than 8 years and I am currently living in Austria. Let's get started!


MA Language acquisition (University of Utah).
BA Languages and Linguistics.


-English Foreign Language.
-Spanish Foreign Language.
-French Foreign Language.
-Portuguese Foreign Language.

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  • Tell the teacher about you or your group
  • Book your own classes
  • Learn at your own pace

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