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Русский язык

Teacher: Veronika Matveenko (Moscow)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English.


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Hourly rates (RUB руб / USD $)

1 studentруб1,600.00 [~$20.40]
2 studentsруб1,100.00 [~$14.03]
3 students or moreруб900.00 [~$11.48]

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Learn Russian

Русский язык

(Russian language)

Course description:

Русский язык, бизнес-русский, русский для туризма

Russian language, Business Russian, Russian for travellings, Basic Russian.

Teaching approach:

During Russian language lessons I use different methods and approaches according the level of students and I pay attention to peculiarities of everyone, his/her individual character, good mood and positive atmosphere in auditorium are also important for me.

Course program:

Well-structured program for every student individually (modern studybooks and workbooks).

Places where you can take this course:

Russian classes, Moscow

Studio: Краснодар
Краснодар, Краснодарский край, Россия
Russian classes, Moscow

(Virtual classroom, Skype, WhatsApp)

Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentRUB руб1,600.00 [~USD $20.40]
2 studentsRUB руб1,100.00 [~USD $14.03]
3 students or moreRUB руб900.00 [~USD $11.48]

Trial class Trial class: minus 50% promotional discount

* Plus RUB руб150.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: RUB руб150.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Veronika Matveenko

Country of origin: Russia

Mother language: Russian

Spoken languages: English

About the teacher

Добрый день! Меня зовут Вероника, преподаватель русского языка как иностранного. Если Вы желаете изучать русский язык онлайн быстро, эффективно и без трудностей, я рада Вам помочь. Предлагаю курсы: русский язык (общее владение, уровни А1-С2), русский язык для бизнеса, туризма, работы в России или других профессиональных / учебных целей, улучшение произношения, говорения, письма, аудирования. Использую современные учебники, логично структурирую программу обучения для каждого ученика индивидуально. Ваш результат - это мой успех, поэтому каждый студент для меня важен. Я работаю и радуюсь Вашим достижениям вместе с Вами. Надеюсь на сотрудничество!

Dear Madam / Sir, my name is Veronika, Russian language teacher (Ph.D.).

I am happy to offer you online lessons with me. Courses: Russian (A1-C2), Business Russian, Russian for travelling, Russian for special purposes (exams, jobs - different specializations).

I organize well-structured individual program for every student according to the level, aims, personal wishes. Lessons by skype (address is below) and zoom. All necessary materials I provided for free and BEFORE lessons (you have time to see that we will learn, repeat smth, etc.). Your results in Russian are important for me, therefore I always try to do my best.

About my character (it is important to know character of teacher): I am funny, open, friendly, active, understandable and alive person, who supports students and encourages, motivates them to study.


1. BA (Philology), Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, 2003-2007, Faculty of Philology studies, diploma with honors;
2. MA (specialization “Methods of the teaching the Russian language to foreigners”, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, 2007-2009, diploma with honors;
3. Ph.D. in methods of Russian language teaching to foreign students (Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences), 2009-2014, Moscow, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.


Full-time teacher of Russian as a foreign, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow (October 2007-January 2018). Students: linguists, journalists, philologists, medics, politologists, and psychologists. Subjects: Grammar and Speaking, Language of Science, Language of the Russian Mass Media, Russian Literature. Students from Afghanistan, China, France, India, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, Poland, Somaliland, Serbia, Syria, South Korea, USA, Vietnam, etc. (A1-C2).
Online tution: since January 2020 until now (zoom, skype).

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