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L'anglais Sans Stress

(English Made Easy)

Course description:

L’anglais Sans Stress

Cours d'anglais interactifs pour vos besoins scolaires, personnels ou professionnels. L'enseignement de tous les aspects de la langue (compréhension, communication, vocabulaire, structure, écrit). Des modules linguistiques adaptés aux besoins. Support pédagogique inclus.

Interactive English classes for educational, social and professional purposes from beginner's to advanced levels. A holistic approach to language teaching dealing with listening,speaking, reading and writing skills. Modules adapted to students' needs. Teaching Materials Included.

Teaching approach:

Throughout my teaching career I have aimed to create a friendly and non judgemental environment to facilitate language learning. Being bilingual (English/ French) I can deal better with the blocks that French speakers face in the target language. I draw upon a wide variety of topics and materials to engage learners' interest. I like to use songs. Music enhances language acquisition. It's an enjoyable activity leading to the discovery of vocabulary, syntax, culture and history.

Places where you can take this course:

English classes, Beziers

Office: Apartment
2, Rue de la Paix, Béziers 34500
English classes, Beziers

Office: House
9, Avenue de Brézilhou, Campagne Sur Aude 11260
English classes, Beziers

(Virtual classroom, Skype)

Hourly rates Hourly rates:

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1 studentEUR €25.00 [~USD $27.54]
2 studentsEUR €18.00 [~USD $19.83]
3 students or moreEUR €14.00 [~USD $15.42]

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Arunima Choudhury

Country of origin: India

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, French, Bengali

About the teacher


Je m'appelle Arunima. Je suis formatrice diplômée en anglais et j'enseigne depuis vingt ans. Cette profession m'a permis de voyager dans le monde. A travers les cours j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer des personnes de diverses nationalités, avec des parcours personnels et professionnels variés. J'aime partager, échanger et l'enseignement de l’anglais me le permet. Je suis intéressée par des sujets divers comme les actualités, l’environnement, les voyages, l'histoire, et j'ai plaisir à adapter ces ressources au niveau et au besoin de l’élève. Etant moi même chanteuse et musicienne j’utilise aussi des chansons comme outil pédagogique. C’est une façon agréable d’apprendre et d’assimiler le vocabulaire et la syntaxe, qui peut mener à des discussions intéressantes et animées sur les artistes, le contenu et le contexte culturel.


I'm Arunima, a certified English teacher. I've been teaching English for more than twenty years. One of the reasons I enjoy teaching is because it's my window on the world. I've taught English in different countries and had the opportunity to interact with people of various nationalities, backgrounds and professions. It has enriched me. I'm interested in a wide variety of subjects and like drawing upon different sources; news, politics, environment related issues , and adapting the material to students' needs. I also use songs in my classes. I've found that it's an enjoyable way of learning and remembering vocabulary, and syntax. It can also lead to interesting discussions on the singers, the content and the cultural background.


Masters in English and Comparative Literature: Pondicherry University (1993)
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching English:English and Foreign Languages University (1995)


In Pondicherry, India I headed a language institute (L.I.P. Language In Profession). The institute conducted English courses for companies, embassies, tourists, professionals and anyone wanting to learn English. In France I taught English at GRETA, a French government sponsored adult learning centre. I coached students for DCL (Diplôme de Compétence de Langue). In Bamako, Mali I first taught at a language school, Connexions, which conducted English courses, for NGOS, companies, embassies, etc. I was then employed by the French school at the secondary level as an English teacher.

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