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Conversational Spanish for English Speakers

Teacher: Ignacio Aguilar (Dammam)

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Conversational Spanish for English Speakers

Course description:

Spanish lessons for English speakers. Conversational and real-life approach.

1. Key to Spanish pronunciation. Practice with difficult sounds. Greetings in Spanish.
2. Present tense of the regular verbs. AR - ER - IR conjugations. Oral practice
3. Verbs SER and ESTAR. Uses in context. Practice.

Lecciones de español para personas cuyo idioma principal es el inglés. Método conversacional y de la vida real. No académico.

1. Clave para la pronunciación del español. Práctica con sonidos difíciles. Saludos en Español.
2. Tiempo presente de verbos regulares. Las 3 conjugaciones de los verbos.

Teaching approach:

I use a practical and conversational approach to learning a language. I am not an academic. I am a consultant, and my experience has taught me that you should focus on the mechanics of the language and its practical use. I teach modern Spanish, with a lot of conversation on news, cultural topics, health, environment, and any other topic the student wants to bring up. I push the students to talk. I do not talk unless it is necessary.

Course program:

The method is :
1. Presentation of the topic
2. Examples of language application
3. Student applies the topic in CONVERSATION

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates:

1 student:USD $25.00*
2 students:USD $18.00 per student*
3+ students:USD $12.00 per student*

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Ignacio Aguilar

City / Country of origin: Bogotá, Colombia

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: English

About the teacher

I am a Spanish teacher with more than ten years of experience teaching expats and their families. I come from Bogotá, Colombia, where it is said the best Spanish is spoken. My pronunciation is very clear and easy to understand. I have a Master's degree in Education and another in Psychology. My students are very happy with my lessons. I am very proactive, and like to push the students to talk. I do not use an academic approach to learning the language but rather a conversational, real-life, and practical approach. I like growing exotic tropical flowers at my farm, and also enjoy going to museums, art exhibitions and cultural events.


M.Ed. Guidance and Counseling, University of Puerto Rico, 1998.

M.A. Organizational Psychology, Bayamón Central University, 2008.

J.D. Rosario University, 1988.


Spanish instructor, teaching Spanish to expats in Puerto Rico. (2008 to present).

Meyer Institute. Teaching ESL in Bogotá, Colombia to adults.

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