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Teacher: Manuel Rodríguez (Madrid)

ESTeacher from Spain. Speaks English.


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Course description:

Este curso está dirigido a estudiante con nivel intermedio/avanzado. En él aprenderás dos tipos de verbos muy utilizados en español: perífrasis verbales y verbos de cambio.

Las perífrasis verbales y los verbos de cambio son muy comunes en español e importantes para la fluidez en el español.

This course is aimed to students with intermediate/advanced level in which you will learn two very important verbal combinations in Spanish: verb periphrases and verbs of transformation.

Both are very common in Spanish and are very important to master them in order to improve fluency and accurac

Teaching approach:

I use a Task-Based Teaching approach. This has many great advantages such as:

- Authentic language for real-world contexts

- Relevant, practical and focused engagement

- Flexible lessons you can adapt to any learning situation

- Objective measures of language proficiency that are easy to continually assess

- Clearly defined tasks that can be easily broken down into smaller tasks

- Clearly defined tasks that can be combined together into larger tasks

Course program:

Verb periphrases (perífrasis verbales) are verb combinations made up of an auxiliary verb and a main verb. The main verb always uses a non-personal form: infinitive, gerundio, or past participle.

- Modal verb periphrases with the infinitive: deber más, deber de, haber que, tener que, etc.
- Verb periphrases that express time: ir a, acabar de, volver a, dejar de,volver a, etc.

- Verb periphrases that express a phase: estar por, comenza a, ponerse a, etc.
- Verb periphrases with the past participle: estar, llevar, tener, quedarse, etc.

Verbs of transformation: Ponerse, volverse, quedarse, convertirse, llegar a ser, hacerse, etc.

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

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1 studentEUR €14.00 [~USD $16.47]
2 studentsEUR €10.00 [~USD $11.77]
3 students or moreEUR €7.00 [~USD $8.24]

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Manuel Rodríguez

Country of origin: Spain

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: English

About the teacher

Me llamo Manuel Rodríguez y soy de Madrid. Soy profesor de español con más de diez años de experiencia.

Vengo de una familia con una gran tradición y compromiso en la enseñanza y la educación. Desde que era un niño, me hicieron sentir la importancia y la pasión por la enseñanza y la educación.

Tengo experiencia trabajando con grupos de todas las edades en diferentes ámbitos y, en todos ellos, he aprendido a mostrarme humilde y cercano estableciendo siempre una buena conexión con los participantes y, creando una atmósfera que favorezca el aprendizaje y la confianza.

Ser profesor de español es algo que siento como algo más que una profesión. Muchas veces se discute si un profesor se hace o se nace, y yo pienso que reúno ambo requisitos. Por un lado, entusiasmo, cercanía y paciencia cuando estoy impartiendo clases y, por el otro, un amplio conocimiento en técnicas didácticas, estrategias de aprendizaje y conocimiento de la gramática y cultura española.

My name is Manuel Rodríguez and I am from Madrid. I am a Spanish teacher with more 10 years experience. There is a lengthy tradition of teaching in my family; parents, grandparents and uncles have worked in

education in Spain.As a child I was fascinated by the stories they brought from their teaching and I admired their dedication to the education of the pupils and their communities.


- Master Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (2016).

- Certificate of Advanced English University of Cambridge (Level C1) (2015).

-Teaching Aptitude Cerficate. Universidad de Murcia(2006)

-Honours Degree in Spanish Philology(2002) Universidad Complutense(Madrid)


My experience includes teaching Spanish in:

- Embassy of the Republic of Korea and different banks in Madrid. Teaching Spanish to diplomats and executives.

- Queen's University (Belfast, UK) Courses like Spanish for Beginners, Let's speak Spanish and tutoring for Spanish for Business and Spanish for Tourism courses on line.

- Conway Mill Education Center. Adult learners. Spanish for holidays and DELE.

- Eurolanguage College. Teaching Spanish to Irish teenagers

- Escuela Popular de Prosperidad (Adult Education Centre, Madrid)
My pupils were immigrants whose first language was not Spanish.

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