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The blue ocean strategy (value innovation)

Teacher: Sergio Ianni (Milan)

Speaks English, Italian, Spanish

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Learn Strategy

The blue ocean strategy (value innovation)

(The blue ocean strategy (value innovation))

Course description:

La strategia degli Oceani Blu, insegna a competere senza combattere con i propri avversari. Con un metodo ripetibile è possibile disegnare un canvas strategico diverso dai concorrenti che allarga il mercato ed evita di competere scegliendo differenziazione o costo basso ma l'innovazione di valore.

The Blue Ocean strategy teaches how to 'compete without competing'. With a repeatable method, it's possible do design a strategic canvass, different than that of our competitors that enlarges the competitive arena and avoid to compete by choosing differentiation or low cost with value innovation.

Teaching approach:

Lessons will take place either online or live in the agreed locations with powerpoint visual aid and numerous examples derived from my own experience in my career. Students must show proof of purchasing the book on Amazon in kindle format otherwise I won't be able to display my own pwp material.

Course program:

The deterministic approach by Michael Porter. The reconstructionist idea of Value Innovation. Reaching beyond current demand and reconstructing market boundaries.The correct strategic sequence and overcoming organizational blocks. Drawing the modiefied strategy canvass.

Approximately 4 lessons each of them 3 hours duration that can be broken in two sessions as agreed

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Strategy classes, Milan

Coffee shop: Archimede Caffè
20129 Milano MI, Italia
Strategy classes, Milan

Studio: Via Giuseppe Compagnoni, 26
Via Giuseppe Compagnoni, 26, 20129 Milano MI, Italia
Strategy classes, Milan

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Strategy classes, Milan

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Sergio Ianni

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, Italian, Spanish

About the teacher

Worked over 30 yrs for Xerox Sony and TIM. From 2001 working as freelance consultant in marketing and strategic planning for SMEs in Italy.

Lavorato oltre 30 anni per Xerox Sony e TIM. Dal 2001 libero professionista consulente di PMI italiane nel marketing.

30 anos en Xerox Sony y TIM. Desde 2001 asesoría para pequeñas empresas en el area de marketing.


Bachelor Degree in business administration Bocconi University, Milan, 1985.


ESE University 2001 to 2006 marketing and strategic planning.

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