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Italian for Beginners and Intermediates

Teacher: Geremia Lodi (Montreal)

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Italian for Beginners and Intermediates

Course description:

Course for beginners or intermediates that offers both a solid approach to italian language as well as cultural references for travelling and deepening the knowledge of Italy and Italians

Teaching approach:

My teaching is grounded in two elements: on the one hand a clear understanding of Italian grammar compared to French and English. On the other hand, interactive activities as learning practice. I do ample use of materials such as flash cards, words puzzles, games engaging gestures and embodiment as means of memorizations.

Moreover I devote time to discuss how each students can integrate learning practices in daily life.

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Hourly rates:

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Geremia Lodi

City / Country of origin: Italy

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French

"Bien que je n'aie eu qu'une classe avec Geremia, et que j'aie dû reporter la poursuite de mon apprentissage à plus tard, j'ai eu l'occasion d'apprécier la qualité de son enseignement. Il était très attentif à mes besoins, prêt à s'adapter à ma situation particulière, et ce, avec enthousiasme et compétence. "Marion, Montreal


My name is Geremia Lorenzo Lodi. If I were born in 1113, I would describe myself as an alchemist of music, because what I do is transform energy into sound, which I then use to transform the body. But since I was born in the 20th century, I usually go by music educator.

I have been befriending the power of music since I was a child. I started playing the flute when I was 8. This long lasting relationship taught me most of what I know of music and has served as the base of my musical and personal beliefs.

I believe in people’s desire for connecting and change. I believe that everybody desires to develop their innate skills if showed how. I believe in community work, because each person needs others to improve and become fully human. I believe in being real, honest and loyal. I believe in the power of music in its myriad forms. I have experienced it both as a student and as a teacher.

Je m'appelle Geremia Lorenzo Lodi. Si j’étais né en 1113, j'aurais facilement pu me décrire comme un alchimiste de la musique, puisque dans le cadre de mon travail, je transforme de l'énergie en son, puis j’utilise le son pour transformer le corps. Puisque je suis né au 20ième siècle, je me présente généralement comme un éducateur musical. J'ai apprivoisé le pouvoir de la musique depuis que je suis enfant quand j'ai commencé à jouer de la flute traversière à l'âge de huit ans. Cette relation unique m'a appris beaucoup de choses sur la musique et m'a servi de base à mes convictions musicales et personnelles.

Je crois au désir des gens de se connecter et de changer. Je crois que tout le monde souhaite développer ses compétences innées, si seulement on lui montrait comment. Je crois au travail communautaire, car chaque personne a besoin des autres pour s’améliorer. Je crois au pouvoir de la musique sous ses multiples formes. Je l'ai vécu en tant qu'étudiant et en tant qu'enseignent.


Masters Degree in Music Education, McGill University, Montreal
Bachelors Degree in Science of Education, University of Bergamo, Italy
Music Diploma: classic flute, Conservatory "Guido Cantelli", Novara, Italy

My curiosity took me to Montreal in 2010 to acquire a Masters in Music Education devoted to the role of the body in learning processes and music creation. This research inspired my workshops in body percussion and vocal improvisation that I currently offer for children, youth and adults.


I had the chance to start working as a music teacher early in my life, even before finishing my degrees in Music and Education in Italy. Since then, I have had the opportunity to teach in many different settings and to different age groups: children, youth and adults.
I worked as coordinator of a performative art project in Nunavik for 3 consecutive school years. I defined a new program and I shaped its form little by little from the instances of the students and the community.
I have been facilitating workshop in Body Percussion and Vocal Improvisation for 5 years.

Courses by this teacher:

Learn Percussions: Body Percussion

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