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Mandarin Chinese (A1-A2) or customized course

Teacher: Aileen Liu (Montreal)

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Mandarin Chinese (A1-A2) or customized course


13 students have taken this course (in Montreal or online)

Course description:

This course assists student to reach A2 level of Mandarin. At the end of the course, students will be able to read pinyin (the Chinese phonetic system), to greet in Chinese, to introduce oneself, to ask for directions, to make requests, etc. I strongly encourage group lessons! Bring your friends!

Teaching approach:

My approach is interactive, employing conversations, word games, video examples etc. I give clear instructions and prepare mnemonic devices to help memorize the materials.

Course program:

The program consists of three semesters (2 hours/class. 22 classes/semester). Below is the schedule for the first two semesters.

Class 1-2: Pinyin+Ni hao! (Hello!)
Class 3-4: Ni shi nali ren? (Where are you from?)
Class 5-6: Nimen you kafei ma? (Do you have coffee?)
Class 7-8: Ni wanshang you shijian ma? (Do you have time tonight?)
Class 9-10: Wo xingqi tian yao jiaban! (I have to work on Sunday!)
Class 11-12: YuYuan zai nali? (Where is Yu Garden?)
Class 13-14: Ni xihuan xiaolongbao ma? (Do you like dumplings?)
Class 15-16: Wo yao yifen waimai. (I want to order take-out.)
Class 17-18: Wo zuotian ganmao le. (I was sick yesterday.)
Class 19-20: Ni bang wo, hao ma? (Could you please help me...?)
Class 21-22: Review+cultural facts

Class 1-2: Jintian waimian re jile (It's too hot outside!)
Class 3-4: Ni jingchang da gaoerfu ma? (Do you play the golf very often?)
Class 5-6: Ni yao jiantoufa haishi tangtoufa? (Do you want to have your hair cut or have your hair dyed?)
Class 7-8: Qing bangwo fa yifen chuanzhen (Please let me to make a fax)
Class 9-10: Ni chiguo Sichuan cai ma? (Have you tried Sichuan dishes?)
Class 11-12: Soushi de zhen ganjing a! (The room has been cleaned up!)
Class 13-14: Ni dasuan qu nali wan? (Where do you plan to make a trip to?)
Class 15-16: Huaihai lu tai du le (Huaihai Road is jammed)
Class 17-18: Wo qingqi liu yao jiaban (I have to work overtime on Saturday)
Class 19-20: Wo xiang mai fen liwu (I want to buy a gift)
21-22 R

Places where you can take this course:

Mandarin classes, Montreal
Library: McGill University
3459 rue McTavish Montreal, QC H3A 0C9, Canada
Mandarin classes, Montreal
Coffee shop: Presse Cafe
3563 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2T6
Mandarin classes, Montreal
Coffee shop: Second Cup
1166 Rue Sainte-Catherine O, Montréal, QC H3B 1K1
Mandarin classes, Montreal
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Mandarin classes, Montreal
Mandarin classes, Montreal
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Hourly rates:

1 student:CAD $28.00*
2 students:CAD $19.00 per student*
3+ students:CAD $13.00 per student*
 Trial class: minus 25% promotional discount*

* Plus CAD $5.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: CAD $5.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Aileen Liu

City / Country of origin: Shanghai, China

Mother language: Mandarin

Spoken languages: English, Spanish

"Aileen est une très bonne professeur. Elle est patiente et très pédagogue. J'ai pu progresser rapidement grâce à elle.

Elle a aussi été très flexible dans l'organisation des cours et s'est adaptée à nos contraintes.

Je la recommande volontiers.
"Morgane, Montreal

"Jielin was very accommodating and is a good and patient teacher. I appreciate and enjoy my time with her. I learn a lot and her strong focus on pronunciation is super helpful."GB, Montreal


Hi, I'm Aileen, a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, from Shanghai, China. I finished high school in China and came to Montreal pursuing my Bachelor's degree in linguistics, which I recently completed. Thanks to my training, I understand the common difficulties in learning a new language; therefore, I am very patient. It has been a pleasure helping my students build confidence in every aspect of learning Chinese language.

Bonjour, je suis Aileen et je suis originaire de Chine. Le mandarin est ma langue maternelle. J'ai terminé le lycée en Chine et je suis venue à Montréal pour poursuivre et terminer mon baccalauréat en linguistique à l'Université McGill. Grâce à cette formation, je comprends bien les difficultés liées à l'apprentissage d'une nouvelle langue. J'ai donc appris aussi la patience et le courage. Ce fut pour moi un grand plaisir d'aider mes élèves à développer la confiance face à tous les aspects de la langue chinoise.

Hola, soy Aileen, una hablante nativa del chino mandarín de China. Terminé el bachillerato en China y llegué a Montreal cursando mi licenciatura en lingüística, el cuál ya culminé. Gracias a mi formación, entiendo las dificultades comunes para aprender un nuevo idioma; por lo tanto, soy muy paciente. Ha sido un placer ayudar a mis estudiantes a construir la confianza en cada aspecto del aprendizaje del idioma chino.


1. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Anthropology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2015
2. Certificate in Teaching Chinese Language, 2016
Issued by Confucius Institute in Quebec (Dawson College)
2. Senior Chinese Language Teacher, 2014
• Issued by China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, Shanghai, China
• Issued by International Profession Certification Association (IPA)


I have been tutoring Chinese since 2013 (over 500 hours) with people of all ages, including primary school students, university students, and seniors.

2017- present
Cours de chinois parascolaire
École Primaire Arc-en-ciel, Montreal, Canada

Online Chinese tutoring
ChinesePod, Montreal

​2015 - present
Chinese teacher (to Chinese children)
​Quezhiling School, Montreal, Canada

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