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Learn Spanish

Curso básico de Español A1 & A2

(Basic Spanish Course A1 & A2)

Course description:

Comprender conversaciones muy breves sobre asuntos cotidianos o personales, comprender lo más relevante de lo que se dice en gestiones básicas, captar lo más relevante de anuncios y mensajes breves, comprender notas, mensajes personales cortos, así como pedir y dar información personal.

You will be able to understand brief conversations about everyday and things, comprehend the most relevant part of what is said about basic matters, catch the most important parts of brief announcements and messages, request and provide personal information, and write and read personal messages.

Teaching approach:

During the class students have full interaction with the teacher and teacher will motivate the students to use everything they learn in a real-like context. The course focuses on the effective use of the language by the student. So all the activities held durng the classes try to resemble the ones students will face in real life. In order to help the student to develop the ability to use the language we use comprehension, production, interaction and self-learning strategies.

Places where you can take this course:

Spanish classes, Santo Domingo

(Virtual classroom, Skype)

Spanish classes, Santo Domingo

At home
(Santo Domingo)

Spanish classes, Santo Domingo

In your office
(Santo Domingo)

Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentUSD $20.00
2 studentsUSD $14.00
3 students or moreUSD $10.00

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* Single-class purchase fee: USD $5.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Diomedes De La Rosa

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: English

Course: Curso básico de Español A1 & A2

"Super profesor! El esta muy claro y preparado. Estoy impaciente de tener mi próximo curso.", Santo Domingo

About the teacher

Hello! My name is Diomedes De La Rosa. I am originally from the Dominican Republic. I hold a bacholor's degree in Education in Languages and I also earned the internationally recognized TESOL teaching certificate. I have over ten years of teaching andtutoring experince and over five years of online teaching experience.

My students usually describe me as a very caring teacher with a great ability to see my students learning style and adpt each lesson so that students can take full advantage of it. The only reason why I can get all this is my passion for teaching. I started teaching when I was just eighteen and very soon I realized that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I have for the public system of my country as well as the private sector. During the last five years I have devoted myself to teaching online. I have taught for three of the most famous online schools and the experience has been so good that I decided to say goobye to the traditional classroom.


SIT-TESOL, Centro Espiral Mana, 2014.
TESOL & TEYL Certification, Teach International, 2019.


Preply Online Spanish Teacher and Tutor (Jan 2019-Present)

51talk Online English Teacher (March 2019-Present)

Bizmates Online English Teacher (June 2017 to March 2019)
Great Virtual Works Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst (June 2017-July2019)

ICDA English and Spanish teacher (Jan 2010 to Sept. 2018)

Courses by this teacher:

Learn Spanish: Curso Intermedio de Español B1 & B2

Learn Spanish: Curso Avanzado de Español C1 & C2

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  • Book your own classes
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