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Teacher: mala vasegh (Tehran)

IRTeacher from Iran. Speaks English, Persian.


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Course description:

آموزش زبان فارسی یکی از شاخه‌های زبان‌شناسی کاربردی است که به مطالعهٔ علمی زبان فارسی و شیوهٔ علمی آموزش این زبان می‌پردازد. آموزش زبان فارسی از جنبه‌های ساختاری، .اجتماعی، فرهنگی، ادبی و آموزشی مورد بررسی دقیق قرار می‌گیرد.

Teaching Farsi is one of the branches of applied language that is used with the scientific study of Farsi and the scientific method of teaching this language.

Teaching Farsi is investigating the structural, social, cultural, literary and educational aspects of this language.

Teaching approach:

I try to motivate my students in a variety of ways.

Places where you can take this course:

Persian classes, Tehran

Office: Tehran
Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Persian classes, Tehran

University: Tehran
Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Persian classes, Tehran

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentUSD $25.00
2 studentsUSD $18.00
3 students or moreUSD $12.00

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Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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mala vasegh

Country of origin: Iran

Mother language: Persian

Spoken languages: English, Persian

About the teacher

I teach Farsi, my native language, in my idea most teachers love what they do and really, I am proud of my profession. Teaching is the best job. I enjoy every bit of my job. It has its ups and downs but, on the whole, it's fulfilling when you help youngsters to speak in another language. I have been teaching Farsi to non-Farsi speakers about 12 years. I revel in sharing learning with students who want to learn.

I teach all levels, from Beginners to Advanced-level students, both in Face to Face and online. I also have experience teaching groups and people of all nationalities. I teach and also perform conceptual and empirical research in my point of view, if we do not perform research, we hardly have something new to teach.


PhD. Candidate in cognitive linguistics.
MA. Teaching Farsi to non Farsi speakers.


teaching Farsi to non Farsi speakers about 12 years old

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