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Business English - Intermediate Add to my list

Teacher: Hayley Woolfson (Berlin)

GBTeacher from United Kingdom. Speaks English.

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This course gives students a solid foundation and a working knowledge of business English. Various aspects of business English will be covered, including telephoning and emailing, participation in meetings, and presentations. The class is taught at an intermediate level.

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I am uniquely qualified to teach business English as I worked in the corporate business world in London for many years before becoming a teacher. I worked in the areas of sales, legal, magazines, and online, and I use this experience to give my students the best training possible.

We do lots of practical work in my lessons and conversation is very important so no more boring grammar lessons! My lessons will give you the skills and tips you really need to do your job, or to get a new job!

Hourly rates: (EUR €)

1 student: 30.00
2 students: 25.00
3+ students: 18.00
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English Teachers Berlin

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English als fremdsprache Add to my list

Teacher: Anna Corrigan (Berlin)

USTeacher from United States. Speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German.

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Ich biete Englisch-Konversationskurse in freundlicher und entspannter Atmosphäre an, da ich die Erfahrung gemacht habe, dass Freude, Freiheit und die Relevanz einer neuen Sprache fürs tägliche Leben die wichtigsten Bestandteile des Unterrichts sind. Endlose Wiederholungen haben für mich nie funktion

I offer casual, friendly conversation courses in English with an emphasis on reading and speaking. In my experience, learning a language requires fun, freedom, and the relevance of a language to your life--diagramming sentences and endless repetition have never worked for me. As such, we will get t

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Instead of working from a book, I integrate articles and stories into conversation in order to promote a relaxed speaking environment. After getting comfortable, we will select certain target areas that need more practice (or that the student would like to work on)--for example writing emails, formal communication, socializing, pronunciation, vocabulary, or grammar. It is most important to me that speaking and learning a new language is fun, otherwise I don't believe it is possible to learn!

Hourly rates: (EUR €)

1 student: 25.00
2 students: 20.00
3+ students: 10.00
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English Teachers Monterrey

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Inglés de negocios Add to my list

Teacher: Michael Williams (Monterrey)

GBTeacher from United Kingdom. Speaks English, Spanish.

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Mis cursos de negocios incluyen materiales auténticos de empresas reales. Proporcionan el lenguaje cotidiano y las estructuras que los estudiantes necesitan en situaciones profesionales específicas. Énfasis en escuchar y hablar, con juegos de rol frecuentes y conversación.

My Business English courses involve consistent use of authentic materials from real companies. They provide the everyday language and structures which learners need in specific professional situations. Emphasis on listening and speaking, with frequent role plays and conversation-based activities.

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Due to my ESL experience and Treacher training background. I have found that within a couple of classes I am able to identify my student's strengths and weaknesses. I like to work on both to improve my students English level.

Hourly rates: (MXN $)

1 student: $300.00
2 students: $200.00
3+ students: $140.00
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What students are saying:

Course: Introduction à l'anglais de base (écrit et parlé)

"Très bon professeur !

Il est bien organisé et il crée des activités très intéressantes.
", Montreal

Course: English as a Second Language

"Very good teacher.", Montreal

Course: Business and Conversational English

"Martin Dansky est un très bon professeur. Il est attentif, rigoureux, il explique bien les choses et il me fournit de la documentation pour travailler chez moi. Je suis très satisfaite!", Montreal

Course: Business English

"Great teacher!", Montreal

Course: Working Smarter Not Harder: Professional English

"Jenny-Lyn is a very professional teacher. She is attentive, serious, generous and patient. She gave me the tools I need to speak, listen and write in English. Thanks to Jenny-Lyn I have seen progress in my knowledge of English. I recommend Jenny-Lyn 10/10.", Ottawa

Course: English for Every Occasion

"Leeann Downes est une très bonne professeure d'anglais. Nous voulions apprendre et pratiquer l'anglais tout en s'amusant et c'est ce qui s'est passé. Les exercices sont simples, pratiques et fun et la prof a une belle énergie et maîtrise bien ce qu'elle enseigne, le tout dans la bonne humeur tout en étant relax. J'ai beaucoup aimé le cours que j'ai eu et mon mari ainsi que mon père l'on apprécié tout autant que moi, tellement que nous voulons prendre d'autres cours. Je recommande cette professeure à tous ceux qui veulent apprendre l'anglais tout en passant un bon moment.", Montreal

Course: English Conversation

"Le professeur Nikolas est très compétent et c'est aussi quelqu'un de très intéressant. Je suis très satisfaite de mes cours avec lui!", Montreal

Course: Anglais pour tous!

"The class was very interesting, Samantha is a great teacher! The methods and materials are perfect!", Montreal