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English Teachers Toronto

English Courses in Toronto >

CPR For Your Business Documents Add to my list

Teacher: Karen Luttrell (Toronto)

(Teacher originally from Toronto, Canada)

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If you struggle with business writing and think it is holding you back from career advancement, this course is for you. Bring your business documents, and career aspirations, back to life! Learn to create concise, precise, and readable documents that help you reach your professional goals.

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This course is helpful for native and non-native speakers alike. Throughout the course you will learn how to structure effective emails, letters, proposals and more. You will also learn writing skills that you can apply to any project, such as adapting your writing for specific audiences, avoiding the most common errors in sentence structure, avoiding wordy phrases, taking confusing jargon out of your work, and proofreading effectively to catch your mistakes before you are embarrassed by them.

Hourly rates: (CAD $)
1 student: $55.00
2 students: $50.00
3+ students: $45.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Berlin

English Courses in Berlin >

Englisch Add to my list

Teacher: Simon Dix (Berlin)

(Teacher originally from Oxford, England)

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Ich kann jede Kurs Individuell herrichten, und habe Erfahrung mit jede Niveau. Am besten werde Ich erstmal Empfehlung, mir anzuschreiben mit der Grund auf der Sie Englisch Studieren will. Studium, Reisen, Arbeit (und welche Bereich) order einfach so.

I am capable of tailoring every course to your needs. I would first recommend that you tell me a little about yourself and your reasons (if any) for learning English, and perhaps also the area you work in or study, or some of your hobbies, to ensure that I can tailor each course to your needs.

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I have experience giving both traditional style classes as well as more open, relaxed discussions. So I can offer whichever is preferred by the student.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 25.00
2 students: €15.00
3+ students: €12.00
Fees apply. View details.

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Nous aurons une classe de conversation simple. Nous n'allons pas nous concentrer sur l'anglais écrit du tout. Ce est ainsi que nous pouvons améliorer vos compétences sociales ainsi que votre anglais conversationnel.

We will be having a simple conversation class. we will not be focusing on written English at all. This is so that we can improve your social skills as well as your conversational English.

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I used to teach courses this style because I found it to be the most productive. By focusing on your conversational English, we will be able to have fun with all sorts of topics as well as build confidence. I do not like grading systems or written work, unless you personally want that in which case we can speak about this together. Conversational classes are much more relaxed and are best suited for my teaching abilities.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 30.00
2 students: €30.00
3+ students: €30.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Montreal

English Courses in Montreal >

Untangled Ravel Add to my list

Teacher: Irene Kudish (Montreal)

(Teacher originally from Moscow, USSR)

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The name of the course is based on analogy between learning or improving English language knowledge and untangling yarn. The spiral curriculum is set up on structured and gradually drilled materials from simplified easy forms of grammar and speech to more complex levels.

Le nom du cours est fondé sur l'analogie entre l'apprentissage ou l'amélioration des connaissances en langue anglaise et de fils à démêler. Le programme en spirale est basée sur des matériaux structurés à partir de formes simplifiées de la grammaire et de la parole à des niveaux plus complexe.

Название курса можно сравнить по аналогии с распутыванием клубка ниток. Вы учитесь по спирали - от простого к сложному, постигая азы грамматики и параллельно вводя их в речевые обороты. Первый уровень включает в себя 20 уроков, приблизительно 500 слов и три грамматических времени.

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The concept of the spiral curriculum that involved information being structured so that complex ideas can be taught at a simplified level first, and then re-visited at more complex levels later on. Therefore, subjects would be taught at levels of gradually increasing difficultly (hence the spiral analogy). Ideally teaching this way should lead to students being able to solve problems by themselves. My course is based on grammar and immediate drill at each lesson.

Hourly rates: (CAD $)
1 student: $35.00
2 students: $22.00
3+ students: $15.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers San José

English Courses in San José >

Basic English - Inglés Básico Add to my list

Teacher: Joe Schauwitzer (San José)

(Teacher originally from San José, Costa Rica)

Course details | Free registration

Las clases para principiantes incluyen: saludos, conversaciones de interacción para mejorar el vocabulario, práctica de números y situaciones de la vida real, personas, fechas, hora, tiempo, familia, etc. Juegos y otros materiales para escribir, leer, hablar, y escuchar serán utilizados.

Beginning lesson includes topics on greetings, interactive conversations to improve vocabulary, number practice, and other real-life situations, people, dates, weather, times, family, etc. Games, and other media to write, read, speak, and listen will be used.

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Conversation (conversación), games (juegos), interaction (interacción), student-driven (para el estudiante), fun (divertido), mutual respect (respeto mutuo).

Hourly rates: (USD $)
1 student: $25.00
2 students: $18.00
3+ students: $12.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Vancouver

English Courses in Vancouver >

TOEFL Preparation Course Add to my list

Teacher: Elizabeth Legge (Vancouver)

(Teacher originally from Melbourne, Australia)

Course details | Free registration

1. Metodi scritto
2. Essay struttura
3. Formale, informale
4. Riassuntivo. parafrasando
5. Metodi leggere
6. Ascolto
7. Prendere appunti
8. Parlato
9. Outlines
10. Pratticare

1. Writing techniques
2. Essay structure
3. Formal, informal
4. Summarizing, paraphrasing
5. Reading techniques
6. Listening
7. Note-taking
8. Speaking
9. Outlines
10. Practice

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I've had extensive TOEFL/IELTS-teaching training, and know many effective techniques.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 15.00
2 students: €10.00
3+ students: €7.00
Fees apply. View details.

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Je crois que la pratique constante rend parfait. J'utilise une méthode qui me permet de planifier mes leçons selon l'exigence de l'étude de mon élève. Avec cette méthode, tout est spécifique, mesurable, atteignable et limitée dans le temps.

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Strive to connect to each student in order to help them enhance his/her language skills and discover a genuine interest in language learning. I always believe that constant practice makes perfect. I use a method that helps me plan my lessons according to my student’s study requirement. With this method everything is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Resource-oriented and Time-bound.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 18.00
2 students: €13.00
3+ students: €10.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Kitakyushu

English Courses in Kitakyushu >

English Conversation Today 英会話 Add to my list

Teacher: RICHARD SMITH (Kitakyushu)

(Teacher originally from SANTA BARBARA CALIFORNIA)

Course details | Free registration

My love of the English spoken and written word gave me a marvellous career as a writer in Films, Television and the world of Media. It will be my pleasure to be your guide . By the completion of this course you will express your thoughts and ideas in English with confidence, in any situation.

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My first aim when teaching is to instill confidence in a language learner. Even if language or vocabulary choices are not perfect, the main point is to start communicating and be understood. For this reason I focus on how to start communication rather than getting overly concerned about minute grammar details.

Secondly, learning a language is providing a window into another culture. Therefore, I give my insights into the culture of the language to engage a language learner.

Hourly rates: (JPY ¥)
1 student: ¥2,500.00
2 students: ¥1,600.00
3+ students: ¥1,100.00
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers Berlin

English Courses in Berlin >

Business English Add to my list

Teacher: Martin Painter (Berlin)

(Teacher originally from Reading, United Kingdom)

Course details | Free registration

Is your current level of English quite good, but you would like to take a step further and speak advanced English for business purposes? I have experience teaching Business English to a number of clients from different backgrounds. Whatever your field of work, the course can be tailored to help you.

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Business English is valuable to employers, whether it's your current employer or a potential employer. It also helps your chances of a pay-rise or promotion. I aim to take you through the best materials available, and after 15-20 hours of personal teaching time you will be confident discussing a range of business-related topics. Alongside the standard materials, I will create and find relevant materials to your area of business. Enjoy a course that's full of role-play and innovation.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)
1 student: 37.50
2 students: €30.00
3+ students: €25.00
Fees apply. View details.

Free registration

This class is tailored to your needs as far as spoken or written needs. I can help you with resumes and other common written formats of business communication. Also, we can practice the English vernacular for the North American corporate environment.

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Totally student centred! You tell me what you want, and I cater to that. If you are unsure about what you want to learn, I will happily assess you and your level, and tailor lesson plans to that.

Hourly rates: (CAD $)
1 student: $25.00
2 students: $18.00
3+ students: $12.00
Fees apply. View details.

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Proficiency level

Your English proficiency level will be evaluated by the teacher according to this framework:

A1 - Beginner:

  • Understands familiar English expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of concrete needs.
  • Can introduce him/herself and answer questions about personal details such as the place of residence and belongings.
  • Can hold a simple conversation in English if the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

A2 - Elementary:

  • Understands frequently used expressions related to areas of immediate relevance like personal and family information.
  • Can communicate in routine situations requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar matters.
  • Can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her background, immediate environment and immediate needs.

B1 - Intermediate:

  • Understands the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in everyday situations.
  • Can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where English is spoken.
  • Can produce simple, connected text on topics that are familiar or of personal interest.
  • Can describe events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give explanations for opinions and plans.

B2 - Independent:

  • Understands the main ideas of complex English text on both concrete and abstract topics.
  • Interaction with native English speakers can happen with fluency and spontaineity and without strain for either party.
  • Can produce clear text on a wide variety of subjects and expose a point of view given the various options.

C1 - Advanced:

  • Understands a wide range of demanding, longer English texts, and recognizes implicit meaning.
  • Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.
  • Can use English flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.
  • Can produce detailed, well-structured text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns and connectors.

C2 - Proficient:

  • Easily understands virtually everything heard or read in English.
  • Can summarise information from different spoken and written sources and reconstruct arguments in a coherent presentation.
  • Expresses him/herself spontaneously, fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in complex situations.