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Personal Creativity Coaching

Creatividad personal

Teacher: Marta Mandolini (Barcelona / Online)

Speaks Italian, English, Spanish

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Los estudiantes explorarán su propia creatividad a través de ejercicios (dibujo, color, mapas mentales) que activarán el pensamiento lateral. Al final del curso, el estudiante habrá descubierto y aumentado sus recursos creativos, y será capaz de aplicarlos en su vida personal y profesional.

Students will explore their own creativity through exercises (drawing, color, mental maps) that will trigger the lateral thinking. At the end of the course, students will have their creative potencial discovered and increased, and be able to apply them in their personal and professional life.

Il corso permette di esplorare la propria creatività attraverso esercizi (disegno, colore, mappe mentali) che attiveranno il pensiero laterale. Alla fine del corso,lo studente avrà scoperto e aumentato le sue risorse creative, e saprà applicarle in contesto personale, interpersonale e professionale.

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The approached is focusing on the present moment, in freedom, without judgments and restrictions; It is a complete journey towards your own creative potential. It combines elements of Psychology, art coaching, relaxation techniques, traditional arts and new creative trends, to offer students an adaptive perspective based on a creative approach to life.

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€50.00 [~$54.22]
2 students€50.00 [~$54.22]
3 students or more€30.00 [~$32.53]


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Barcelona is Spain's second most populated city and one of the most populated urban areas in the European Union. A very successful brand in itself, Barcelona is one of the world's most important tourist destinations and a leading economic and cultural center.

Spanish and Catalan are Barcelona's two official languages and are the most widely spoken. 60% of the residents are native Catalonians and over 20% come from other spanish regions. However, being a very cosmopolitan city, nearly 20% of its inhabitants are of foreign origin, coming mainly from Latin America, the north of Africa and the rest of Europe.