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Dutch Courses : Alkmaar, Netherlands

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Dutch Teachers Mexico City
Dutch Courses in Mexico City / Online

Neerlandés en línea


Teacher: Lupina Connectingmexico (Mexico City / Online)

BETeacher from Belgium. Speaks English, German, Spanish.

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Si buscas aprender y ENTENDER el idioma, encontraste en mí tu oportunidad. Clases personalizadas en línea de Inglés, Alemán y/o Neerlandés; explicación en Español. Combinación de conversación, teoría y ejercicios de lectoescritura y auditivos, el material se ajusta a tu nivel y intereses. A1 a C2

Do you seek to learn and UNDERSTAND the language ? Then I'm your perfect option. Individual & personalised online classes Dutch, German and/or Spanish; of course explained in English. Combination of conversation, theory, reading, writing and listening exercices, adapted to your level.

Möchten Sie eine Sprache lernen und VERSTEHEN ? Dann sind Sie bei mir in besten Händen. Individueller und personalisierter Online Spanisch-, Englisch- und/oder Holländischkurs; natürlich mit Erklärungen auf Deutsch. Kombination aus Konversations-, Theorie-, Lese-, Schreib- und Hörübungen.

Entendimiento, explicación clara, hablar, paciencia

Lessons in person or online:

Avenida Nuevo León
Av Nuevo León, Hipódromo, Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
(Virtual classroom)

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Hourly rates (MXN $ / USD $)

1 student$400.00 [~$22.37]
2 students$200.00 [~$11.19]
3 students or more$135.00 [~$7.55]
Dutch Teachers Bucharest
Dutch Courses in Bucharest / Online

Holländisch für Anfänger

Dutch For Beginners

Teacher: Oana Maria Puciu (Bucharest / Online)

DETeacher from Germany. Speaks Dutch, English, Romanian.

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In diesem Kurs mache ich praktische Erfahrungen mit Fotos und Beispielen aus dem wirklichen Leben. Ich kann das sehr gut erklären und habe eine hervorragende Ausdrucksweise und Geduld. Ich habe einen freien Zugang zum Lernen und kann mich an die Bedürfnisse der Schüler anpassen.

With this course you will learn the basics of the dutch language, after the completion you will be able to have a basic conversation - Level B2 .

Dupa urmarea cursului de baza,se va putea mentine o conversatie in limba Olandeza la nivel - B2

To this course I take a "hands on" experience with the use of photos and examples from real life. I can explain very well and have outstanding diction and patience. I have a free approach to learning and I can adapt to the needs of the students. My methods are unique and I approach learning a foreign language as children learn the language, so there will be no long homework and repeating of phrases with a tape.

Lessons in person or online:

Generator Hostels
Oranienburger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin, Germany
10178 Berlin, Germany
At home
In your office
In a public place
(Hangouts, Skype)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€25.00 [~$27.14]
2 students€17.00 [~$18.45]
3 students or more€15.00 [~$16.28]
Dutch Courses
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Greek Teachers Utrecht
Greek Courses in Utrecht / Online

Ελληνική γλώσσα

Greek language

Teacher: Stefania Papanikolaou (Utrecht / Online)

GRTeacher from Greece. Speaks Greek, English.

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I am focusing on teaching how you can communicate every day in Greek, to learn pronunciation and back again to express yourself in more complex structures as speaking is the area that most learners want to start from. So we start with the Greek alphabet, punctuation, grammar and syntax.

We practice with greek songs from youtube. There is an amazing greek music culture, from Greek rock, pop or Greek laika (λαϊκά, it means people’s/popular music) to reggae in Greek. Also, I always try to find content that aligns with the learner's interests and experiences.

Lessons in person or online:

Utrecht, Netherlands
In a public place
(Virtual classroom, Hangouts, Messenger, Skype)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€23.00 [~$24.97]
2 students€15.00 [~$16.28]
3 students or more€10.00 [~$10.86]
Japanese Teachers Montreal
Japanese Courses in Montreal / Online

JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

Cours de japonais pour JLPT, voyager, affaires etc

Teacher: Mihoko Shiohata (Montreal / Online)

JPTeacher from Japan. Speaks English, French, Japanese.

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I offer specialized courses for students who want to travel to Japan, who will work in a Japanese company in Japan or who want to learn Japanese by interest in manga or animation. I have 10 years of experience translating, interpreting and teaching Japanese to students of all ages.

J’offre des cours généraux et spécifiques aux besoin des étudiants. C’est un cours pour les voyages, pour les affaires ou pour le plaisir. J’ai beaucoup d’expérience en enseignement!

My program is completely customized to the student's needs. My goal is to respect each student's needs and respond by providing them with the tools that better satisfy their requirements.

"She was very patient and helpful, always explaining terms and offering great advice.", Montreal

Lessons in person or online:

La Boite Gourmande
445 Avenue Laurier E, Montréal, QC H2J 1E5, Canada
5150 Berri, Montréal, H2J2S3
(Virtual classroom, Skype)

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$34.00 [~$24.94]
2 students$25.00 [~$18.34]
3 students or more$20.00 [~$14.67]


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