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カジュアルえいえいご Add to my list

Teacher: Leah Crews (London)

GBTeacher from United Kingdom. Speaks Japanese.

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このコースのレベルはなんでもいいように当てはめられます。毎日の会話を習います。例えば、レストラの注文とか電車に乗るとかスーパーで買物とかパブ「イギリスの居酒屋」に飲むとか語句をならいます。なお基本的な英文法を説明します。 頑張りましょう!

This course can be adapted to suit any level of English. You will learn everyday conversation. For example, ordering in a restaurant, taking a train (or London Underground), shopping in a supermarket, drinking in a pub etc. In addition, I will explain basic English grammar.

This course will have a relaxed and informal feel, preparing you for a trip to England. You'll learn some common idioms and real everyday English phrases that you won't learn in a classroom. We can talk about whatever interests you most; food, trains, British television, family life, even recommendations on places to see and visit.

Lesson one:
Greetings and self introduction. Where are you from? Why do you want to learn English? What topics are you interested in? How much have you studied already? I need to get an idea of your current English level to tailor the difficulty of the rest of the course to suit your needs.

Lesson 2 Getting a coffee
Please may I have...? Do you have decaf/soymilk/skimmedmilk? Can I have that to take away/drink in please? What kind of coffee do you like?

Lesson 3 At the Pub
A pint of Amstel/Asahi/Peroni/IPA please. Can I have a Gin and Tonic please? With Ice and a slice (of lime) May I see the wine list? Whats your house red? What flavour crisps do you have? Just a half please. Can I taste this ale? Do you have any ID? Are you ordering food? Whats your table number?

Lesson 4 In a restaurant
Do you have a table for 2? I don't have a reservation. Can I sit by the window? Can I have some tap water please? What beers do you have? Where's the toilet please? Can I see the dessert menu? Can I have the bill please? Is service included?

Lesson 5 In a Museum
Is this exhibition free? Which way is the permanent collection? Is there a Japanese Audio guide? Is there a cloakroom? Is it ok to take photos? Can I have a map please? Do I need a ticket?


Lessons in person or online:

The Black Chapel
1 Chapel Yard, London SW18 4HZ, UK
Café Fleur
198 St Ann's Hill, London SW18 2RT, UK
Artisan Coffee
203 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 6SG, UK
123 St John's Hill, London SW11 1SZ, UK
In a public place
(Virtual classroom, Hangouts, Skype)

Hourly rates: (JPY ¥)

1 student: ¥1,200
2 students: ¥800
3+ students: ¥700
Fees apply. View details.

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English Teachers London

English Courses in London

Improve your English speaking, reading & writing Add to my list

Teacher: Joseph Latimore (London)

USTeacher from United States. Speaks English.

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If you want t to improve your English language skills, I can help you improve your speaking, reading and writing of the English language. The course will cover all of the basics and once you have a command of the basics we will stretch your ability further. In just a few sessions you will see great

I am a patient instructor who will move at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Lessons in person:

Charing Cross Library
4 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0HF
Victoria Library
160 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9UD
Marylebone Library
Macintosh House, 54 Beaumont Street, London W1G 6DW
St. John's Wood Library
20 Circus Road, London NW8 6PD
At home
In your office
In a public place

Hourly rates: (GBP £)

1 student: £25.00
2 students: £20.00
3+ students: £15.00
Fees apply. View details.

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What students are saying:

Course: Introduction à l'anglais de base (écrit et parlé)

"Très bon professeur !

Il est bien organisé et il crée des activités très intéressantes.
", Montreal

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Course: Working Smarter Not Harder: Test Preparation

"Jenny-Lyn is a very professional teacher. She is attentive, serious, generous and patient. She gave me the tools I need to speak, listen and write in English. Thanks to Jenny-Lyn I have seen progress in my knowledge of English. I recommend Jenny-Lyn 10/10.", Ottawa

Course: Business English

"Lindsay is professional and helpful; she gave me some good advice. It was a pleasure to meet her.", Montreal

Course: English for Every Occasion

"Leeann classes are fun and engaging. She carefully balances the course content according to the needs of the student. Each class could be a mix of interactive games, open discussions and serious reading. I had six classes with her and you can never guess what exciting and fun stuff will come next. I highly recommend her for qualitative one-on-one tutoring. ", Montreal

Course: English conversation - All levels

"Bryna was awesome and very helpful. We had a great session :-)", Vancouver

Course: English for Every Occasion

"Good teacher!", Montreal

Course: Working Smarter Not Harder: Professional English

"Jenny-Lyn is a very professional teacher. She is attentive, serious, generous and patient. She gave me the tools I need to speak, listen and write in English. Thanks to Jenny-Lyn I have seen progress in my knowledge of English. I recommend Jenny-Lyn 10/10.", Ottawa


Why learn English? Just after Mandarin and Spanish, English is the third most common native language in the world and it is definitely the most learned second language. English is today's world's lingua franca. Many occupations and professions require at least working knowledge of English, as it has become the most widely used language used in international publications, international trade, telecommunications, entertainment and diplomacy.

How hard is it to learn English compared to other languages? It depends, of course, on the languages you speak already. The most difficult aspects of learning English are the vast vocabulary, the differences between spelling and pronnunciation, the subtleties of grammar and the different ways it is used around the world.


London has been a major settlement for more than two thousand years and is now a leading global city and a world cultural capital. Nearly 37% of the city's population is foreign-born, making London the second most cosmopolitan city in the the world, just behind New York.

The most represented ethnicities are white (60%), asian (18%) and arab (14%). Although English is the official language and is spoken by 98% of the population, immigrants have brought with them mainly: Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, French, Portuguese and Lithuanian, among others. London is the perfect place to learn and practice foreign languages!