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Docent Engels met B.A en certificaat Tefl(290 uur)

Teacher: Pelin Cramer Türk (s-Gravenhage)

TRTeacher from Turkey. Speaks English, Turkish, Dutch.

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Ik ben een lerares Engels (ESL ) uit Nederland en ik ben in bezit van een B.A Docent Engels.Ik heb mijn certificaat Tefl (290 uur Celta Niveau) gekregen bij Premier Tefl, U.K.Mijn leerlingen komen uit verschillende landen en onderwijs niveaus. Ik geef Engelse online les op allerlei niveaus.

My courses are personalized to suit the learners' need and focuses on the language points which the learners need to reinforce.I provide language support whenever my learners are in need and they can contact me through e-mail of Whatsapp in case they have a question. Additionally, I can supply extra study materials to practice online. Personally, I am a calm, attentive and friendly tutor who believes that an ideal teacher should possess professional qualifications as well as personal ones.


Lessons in person or online:

Centrale Bibliotheek
Spui 68, 2511 BT Den Haag, Nederland
Den Haag Centrum
Noordeinde, 2514 GN Den Haag, Nederland
(Virtual classroom, Hangouts, WhatsApp)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€35.00 [~$42.23]
2 students€25.00 [~$30.17]
3 students or more€20.00 [~$24.13]

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Why learn English? Just after Mandarin and Spanish, English is the third most common native language in the world and it is definitely the most learned second language. English is today's world's lingua franca. Many occupations and professions require at least working knowledge of English, as it has become the most widely used language used in international publications, international trade, telecommunications, entertainment and diplomacy.

How hard is it to learn English compared to other languages? It depends, of course, on the languages you speak already. The most difficult aspects of learning English are the vast vocabulary, the differences between spelling and pronnunciation, the subtleties of grammar and the different ways it is used around the world.