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Genero en el cine. Historia. Clasificacion: comedia, drama, terror, ciencia ficcion. Caracteristicas. Estetica. Temas recurrentes. Como analizar el guion. Codigos de color (paleta de colores) y sus significados. Puesta en escena y su influencia sobre el espectador. Tecnicas de acuerdo al genero.

Genre in the cinema. History. Classification: comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, among others. Characteristics. Esthetic. Recurring themes How to analyze the script Color codes (color palette) and their meanings. Staging and its influence on the viewer. Techniques according to genre.

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If you are a movie enthusiast, this course will teach you to see the things that a normal viewer does not consciously recognize. Recognize what tools have been used to find the desired effect on the viewer. Analyze the characteristics of the film taking into account its gender and all that this implies: photography, camera management, script.
It is a practical theoretical course, you will see several films which we will later discuss and analyze.

Coffee shop
Cafe del Pasaje
Thames 1762, C1425 Capital Federal, Palermo
At home
At home
(Buenos Aires)
In a public place
In a public place
(Buenos Aires)

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the second largest metropolitan area in South-America. It is one of the most visited cities in Latin America and boasts one of the region's best standards of living.

Buenos Aires hosts multiple ethnic and religions groups. Also, thanks mainly to sustained immigration in the last 150 years, several languages are spoken in the city besides Spanish. Traditionally immigration has originated in Italy and Spain, however other European countries have contributed significant numbers: Scotland, Norway, France, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Holland and Russia being among the most important, while immigration from Latin America originates mainly in Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Chile. Additionally, in recent years, immigration from Asia has increased considerably, originating mainly in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea.