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Online μαθήματα ελληνικής γλώσσας και πολιτσμού για αρχάριους και προχωρημένους μαθητές με διαφοροποιημένη διδασκαλία για παιδιά και ενήλικες.
Προετοιμασία για τις κρατικές εξετάσεις ελληνομάθειας.

Online Greek language and culture lessons for beginners and advanced students.
Specially designed lessons for adults and children.
Preparation for state exams in Greek language.

Tutoring is equivalent to communication and in order for teaching to be effective, it must also make learning a truly interesting and enjoyable experience. My lessons focus on the special needs and interests of my students, based on innovative language teaching techniques.

If you are interested in getting acquainted with the Greek culture, this lesson is suitable for you. Greek movies, literature and music are an integral part of it.


Lessons in person or online:

2Concept Store
Ρέμπελου 2, Θεσσαλονίκη 546 31
Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Θεσσαλονίκη 541 24
At home
In your office
In a public place
(Virtual classroom, Skype)

Hourly rates: (EUR €)

1 student: 23.00
2 students: 14.00
3+ students: 10.00
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What students are saying:

Course: Greek Courses

"The teacher brought notes, was interesting and I will continue doing lessons with him :)", Montreal

Course: Greek Courses for Everyone

"Excellent. Very well prepared, interesting, and informative. Clearly a lot of thought and work went into the preparation for this class, which I greatly enjoyed.", Montreal

Course: Greek Courses for Everyone

"Teacher is very well prepared and dynamic!", Montreal

Course: Greek Courses for Everyone

"Les objectifs du cours ont été bien définis par le professeur de même que le matériel didactique requis. Le niveau d'enseignement correspon bien à mes besoins. Le cours de Mme Gniki est très bien conçu et elle a une très bonne pédagogie pour enseigner.", Montreal

Course: Greek Courses for Everyone

"Excellent.", Montreal

Course: Greek Languange Courses

"Très bon professeur, patiente et pedagogue. ", Montreal

Course: Greek Languange Courses

"Teacher was well prepared, patient and very nice.", Montreal

Course: Greek Courses for Everyone

"The teacher is very well prepared and dynamic!", Montreal