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Cours de guitare classique, guitare populaire, guitare accompagnement, guitare rock, guitare électrique, guitare acoustique. Enfants, adolescents, adultes. Répertoire varié, approche pédagogique polyvalente, adaptée, efficace. Privé, semi-privé, groupe.

Courses of classical guitare, pop guitar, accompagnement guitar, rock guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Children, teenagers, adults. Different styles, versatile and adapted pedagogical approach, efficient. Private, semi-private, group.

Classes de guitarra clásica, guitarra popular, guitarra rítmica, guitarra rock, guitarra eléctrica, guitarra acústica. Niños, adolescentes, adultos. Repertorio variado, versátil enfoque pedagógico, adaptado y eficaz. Privadas, semi-privadas, grupo.

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L'étudiant pourra jouer ce qu'il veut comme musique, du rock au classique, du pop au punk en passant par le country et le folk. L'étudiant pourra apprendre et perfectionner une tonne de techniques essentielles à la guitare, comme l'enchaînement d'accords, le fingerpicking, la lecture de tablatures et de partitions musicales, l'improvisation, les solos de guitare, les gammes, l'accompagnement à la voix etc.

Université de Montréal
200 Avenue Vincent-D'indy, Montréal, QC H2V 2T2
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1 student: $30.00
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3+ students: $20.00
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Montreal is the largest city in Canada, and one of the country's most cosmopolitan. Spoken by 57% of the population, French is the official language, with English following closely. Montreal is one of the country's most bilingual cities with 65% of the population able to speak both French and English, and 20% speaking also other languages. Such diverse composition makes Montreal a great place to learn languages.

Montreal is considered Canada's cultural capital, with a sizeable part of the country's film, music, radio and multimedia production taking place in the city. Montreal boasts also one of the highest concentrations of student populations in North-America. Besides English and French, the most widely spoken languages in the city are Spanish, Arab, Italian, Mandarin, Creole and Greek, among others.