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Teacher: Paolo Coruzzi (London)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks English, Spanish, French.

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The lessons will cover all the main topics like grammar, vocabulary, language structure depending on the student level and goals.

We'll put particular attention on the phonetics to reach a good pronunciation control and be able to speak in the correct way as soon as possible.

Because of my artistic background I use to integrate my lessons with music and drama tools side by side with books and classic methods.

Depending on levels and goals.


Lessons in person:

The Ranelagh
82 Bounds Green Road London N11 2EU
Waterstones Booksellers
The Grand Building Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5EJ
At home
In your office
In a public place

Hourly rates: (GBP £)

1 student: £35.00
2 students: £25.00
3+ students: £20.00
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Italian Teachers London

Italian Courses in London

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Teacher: Emanuel Micali (London)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks English, French, German.

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Italian couldn't be easier! This course aims to show how Italian can be spoken without frustration at any level. Either for business or everyday life, Italian can be a good addition to your knowledge.

Starting from its basics, we will understand the structure of the language whatever your needs are. We will help ourselves with texts, songs and movie sequences. Further, if interested we could focus on italian culture, history and folklore.


Lessons in person:

127 High Street Oxford
Pret A Manger
26 Cornmarket Street Oxford
At home
In your office
In a public place

Hourly rates: (GBP £)

1 student: £19.00
2 students: £14.00
3+ students: £9.00
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What students are saying:

Course: Interactive Italian language course

"I felt very at ease with the teacher.", Montreal

Course: Italiano A TU PER TU

"Francesca is a great teacher. She is very professional and effective at making students understand and correct their mistakes. I look forward to more classes with Francesca.", Montreal

Course: Impara l'Italiano!

"I was really satisfied about Tiziana´s way of handling our first class: really methodical, she was able to pinpoint right away my strenghts and weaknesses in Italian so we could already make up a plan how our bi-weekly lessons should look like in order to ensure the greatest learning curve!", Berlin


"Nous sommes content, c'était le dernier de notre série de cours. Nous partons pour l'Italie dans deux semaines, nous avons hâte de tester nos nouvelles connaissances.", Montreal

Course: conversación italiano

"Alice is a very good teacher. The courses are more interesting each time. She adapts her courses easily to our needs. I highly recommand her.", Montreal


"She's very professional and understands my level very well - her way of teaching is very interactive which works very well with my intentions ", Montreal


"Sara è una professoressa bravissima e attenta, chi sa adattarsi ai bisogni del studente", Montreal

Course: Italian for Everyone

"I have taken 50 hours of individual Italian lessons with Gianluca mostly by Skype and I plan to take 50 more. I am an American living and working in Paris and I looked for a teacher with whom I could start learning Italian from French. It took only a few lessons for Gianluca to adapt to my learning style and interests. The lessons are enjoyable, efficient and customized for me. I especially like biographies and I have learned a lot about about famous and not so famous Italians while learning Italian. I recommend Gianluca who will adapt to what you like and what you need. ", Paris


Why learn Italian? If you are into art, music, design, architecture, opera or food, Italian is the language to learn! Italy is one of the leading economies of the world and many foreign companies operating in Italy require that employees speak both English and Italian. Italy is a major player in fashion, interior design, culinary arts, furniture, robotics, electromechanics, transportation and space engineering.

Italian is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and if you think it is useless, you are wrong! Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican, and is widely spoken as a second language in countries around Italy, in Australia, Africa, Canada, the US and South-America.


London has been a major settlement for more than two thousand years and is now a leading global city and a world cultural capital. Nearly 37% of the city's population is foreign-born, making London the second most cosmopolitan city in the the world, just behind New York.

The most represented ethnicities are white (60%), asian (18%) and arab (14%). Although English is the official language and is spoken by 98% of the population, immigrants have brought with them mainly: Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, French, Portuguese and Lithuanian, among others. London is the perfect place to learn and practice foreign languages!