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Italian Teachers Gatineau
Italian Courses in Gatineau / Online

Corso di lingua italiana per debuttanti

Cours d'italien débutant

Teacher: Luigi Carlo Petro (Gatineau / Online)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks French, English.

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1 - Presentazioni
2 - Passato e futuro Essere e Avere.
3 - Articoli, presente verbi in -ARE
4 - Passato e futuro verbi in -ARE
5 - Presente verbi in -ERE
6 - Passato e futuro verbi in -ERE
7 - Presente verbi -IRE
8 - Passato e futuro verbi -IRE
9 - Andare e venire
10 - Preposizioni.

1 - Présentations
2 - Passé e futur Être et Avoir
3 - Articles, présent verbes en -ARE
4 - Passé et futur verbes en -ARE
5 - Présent verbes en -ERE
6 - Passé et futur verbes en -ERE
7 - Présent verbes en -IRE
8 - Passé et futur verbes en -IRE
9 - Aller et venir
10 - Prépositions

Prima di ogni lezione lo studente mi manderà tre frasi molto semplici a partire dalla materia vista nella lezione precedente, usando questo metodo:

Primo: Scriverà le frasi
Secondo: Farà la traduzione a partire da quello che conosce.
Terzo: Farà la traduzione a partire da quello che conosce
Quarto: Correzione da parte mia e ritorno frasi allo studente
Quinto: Lo studente ricopierà le frasi corrette
Dopo ogni lezione lo studente riceverà del materiale didattico e degli esercizi.

Lessons in person or online:

(Virtual classroom, Skype)

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$40.00 [~$29.80]
2 students$40.00 [~$29.80]
3 students or more$40.00 [~$29.80]
Italian Teachers Berlin
Italian Courses in Berlin / Online

Impara l'Italiano!

Teacher: Tiziana Destino (Berlin / Online)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks English, French, Spanish.

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Ich bin Muttersprachlerin und biete einen Italienischkurs an: Während meines Unterrichts achte ich gleichermaßen auf das Erlernen und Üben von Hörverständnis, Leseverständnis und der Grammatik der italienischen Sprache. Während der ersten Module erfahren die Schüler mehr über die italienisch Kultur

I articulate each class in 3 sections: conversation, reading, grammar. Through the 2 first modules student approach Italian culture and tackle the use of grammatical structures. All along the 10 classes the topics addressed may adapt to specific needs & interests of the students and their level.

J'articule chaque classe en 3 sections: conversation, lecture, et grammaire. Suivant la préparation et connaissance de culture italienne les 2 premiers modules supportent l'élève a approcher les structures grammaticales. Tout au long des 10 classes les sujets abordés peuvent s'adapter aux besoins et

I work around the specific interests of the student and approach the learning process in an informal way as part of a natural progress toward understanding. I base my practice on the idea that learning of a language is grounded on the knowledge and familiarity with words and sounds. Central for me is the use of dialogues, from there all elements can be adopted in different contexts.

"I was really satisfied about Tiziana´s way of handling our first class: really methodical, she was able to pinpoint right away my strenghts and weaknesses in Italian so we could already make up a plan how our bi-weekly lessons should look like in order to ensure the greatest learning curve!", Berlin

Lessons in person or online:

At home
In your office
In a public place
(Virtual classroom)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€24.00 [~$25.68]
2 students€18.00 [~$19.26]
3 students or more€14.00 [~$14.98]
Italian Courses
Trial Class 25% Off!
Italian Teachers Barcelona
Italian Courses in Barcelona / Online

conversación italiano

Teacher: Alice Giulia Urso (Barcelona)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks English, Portuguese, French.

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El curso mejorará tu capacidad de expresarte en el presente, futuro y pasado, expresar tus opiniones y necesidades. Preguntar y recibir informaciónes y mantener una conversación familiar con hablantes nativos de lengua italiana. Todos los cursos seràan adaptados a tus intereses y necessidades.

Ce cours vous permettra d'améliorer votre capacité à vous exprimer au présent, au futur et au passé, exprimer vos opinions et vos besoins, demander et recevoir des informations et avoir une conversation familière avec des locuteurs d'Italien natifs.

The course you will improve your capacity in express yourself in present, future and past tenses, express your opinions and needs. Ask and receiving information and have familiar conversation with native Italian speakers. Any course will be adapted to your necessities and needs.

Usaré el método comunicativo. Este método tiene como objetivo ayudar al estudiante a desarrollar ciertas habilidades y competencias: comunicación y expresión oral, comprensión auditiva. Durante las clases, los estudiantes practicarán el italiano en situaciones cotidianas a través de actividades que tienen objetivos definidos.

"Very interesting. Alice is good.", Montreal

Lessons in person:

Caffè Saint Simeon
39 Rue Dante Montréal, QC H2S 1J6
Second Cup
900 Avenue du Mont-Royal Montréal, QC H2J1X2
In a public place

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€17.00 [~$18.19]
2 students€12.00 [~$12.84]
3 students or more€10.00 [~$10.70]
Italian Courses
Trial Class 25% Off!
Italian Teachers Florence
Italian Courses in Florence / Online

Curso de Italiano

Italian Language Course

Teacher: Isadora Bilancino (Florence / Online)

ITTeacher from Italy. Speaks English, Spanish, Turkish.

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Pratique seu italiano comigo! Gramática, conversação, exercícios em todos os níveis do italiano. Escreva-me para perguntas e teste de avaliação

Italian lessons online. Conversation, exercises, grammar. Any level available. I am an Italian native speaker with over 10 years of experience.

I follow the communicative approach so I tailor grammar to the goal it must be used for. So, if your goal is to communicate with your Italian friends, we will learn what you need for those kinds of conversations. If you are learning Italian for work, we will focus on a more formal approach to the language.

Lessons in person or online:

La Citè
Borgo San Frediano, 20, 50124 Firenze 055 210387
At home
In your office
In a public place
(Virtual classroom, Hangouts, Skype)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€27.00 [~$28.90]
2 students€20.00 [~$21.40]
3 students or more€15.00 [~$16.05]


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