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Grundlagen des Zeichnens, Anfänger - fortgeschritt

Drawing from basics to advanced

Teacher: Paola Ferri (Berlin)

Speaks German, English, Italian

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Erwerb der Grundtechniken beim Zeichnen.
Die Grundstruktur der Form erkennen: abzeichnen von geometrischen Formen und Kompositionen von Objekten.
Linien und hell-dunkel Kontrasten.
Das Volumen eines Körpers drei-dimensional zu zeichnen.
Annäherung an die Darstellung der Figur.
Figur im Raum.

Lessons on line and tonal drawings, lights and shadows, study of compositions and images, life drawing, volume and perspective.
Position of a figure in the space - gesture and sign.
Color theory and application.
Every student will be followed anyway according to personal skills.

Come to deepen topics and techniques through a step by step method.
Starting from basics ( chiaroscuro, volume, line drawing, perspective, techniques ), the student will develop a personal way of expression and a deeper knowledge of art history.
Lessons for adult and fro children. In English, Deutsch or Italian.

Lessons in person:

Hobrechtstrasse 7, 12043 Berlin
At home
In your office

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€30.00 [~$31.96]
2 students€25.00 [~$26.63]
3 students or more€20.00 [~$21.30]


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