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Teacher: Juan Manuel Esquivel (Lausanne)

ARTeacher from Argentina. Speaks Portuguese, English, Italian.

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Este curso es para todas las personas que quieran conocer un nuevo idioma como el español o el portugués ,las clases son personalizadas enfocadas a cada necesidad.

Spanish classes for all people who want to learn a new language like spanish.
Particulars classes focused on every need.

Aulas de espanhol para todas as pessoas que querem uma nova língua como o espanhol. Aulas personalizados para cada necessidade.

Hola, mi nombre es Juan Manuel, soy de Argentina, soy profesor de español ( y principalmente) hace un par de años en Argentina, Brasil,Francia y Suiza actualmente. Así como tu ,también he pasado por las dificultades de un nuevo idioma, por lo que me gustaría ayudarte a mejorar y mi idioma a través de mas divertidas e informales, donde puedas a comunicarte de la mejor manera. Te espero con ansias para nuestro próximo encuentro. ¡Un saludo!


Lessons in person or online:

Place Chauderon 11
Place Chauderon 11, 1003 Lausanne, Suiza
At home
In your office

Hourly rates: (EUR €)

1 student: 10.00
2 students: 9.50
3+ students: 9.00
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What students are saying:

Course: Basic Conversation in Spanish

"Denis is very helpful and provides very pertinent examples and good insights into the language differences among latin countries. The teacher is very attentive to details and explains the nuances which are not evident to a franco-ontarian. Denis also provides very good and helpful teaching materials.", Ottawa

Course: Basic Conversation in Spanish

"Dénis est un EXCELLENT professeur! Il est organisé, ouvert et intéressant. Sa connaissance des nuances culturelles latines est étendue et ses commentaires sont toujours pertinents. Je le recommande à tous. Je vais poursuivre mes cours avec lui dès que le temps me le permettra. Merci Dénis!", Montreal

Course: Spanish conversation

"Courses with Abel keep getting better and better. I really appreciate his availability and the fact that we can talk about pretty much anything. It helps a lot building my vocabulary and making feel more comfortable when I speak Spanish, which I do much more often now. Congrats to the teacher!", Montreal

Course: Espagnol Pratique

"Super bon prof!", Montreal

Course: Curso Intermedio de Español B1 & B2

"Super profesor! El esta muy claro y preparado. Estoy impaciente de tener mi próximo curso.", Montreal

Course: Curso Avanzado de Español C1 & C2

"Super profesor! El esta muy claro y preparado. Estoy impaciente de tener mi próximo curso.", Montreal

Course: Spanish conversation

"Empezando el año 2020 con una super clase! Muchas gracias Abel por tu tiempo y la calidad de la conversación. Me encanta practicar mi espanol de nuevo y puedo ver (o sentir) mis progresos. Nos vemos para otras clases pronto!", Montreal

Course: Basic Conversation in Spanish

"The teacher was fantastic and we have no complaints! I will refer the teacher to many of my friends.", Montreal


Why learn Spanish? Spanish is the 4th most commonly spoken language in the world and is the dominant language in more than 20 countries, in addition to being the most present second language in the United States. Knowing Spanish will make your travels to Europe and South-America more authentic and enjoyable, and will open for you the doors of many career opportunities at the international level.

Spanish is easy to learn. Although grammar can be challenging, Spanish is almost completely phonetic, meaning that you know the pronunciation of a word simply by looking at its spelling. Spanish will help you enter the worlds of Cervantes, García Márquez, Neruda, Borges, Almodovar and many other great writers and filmmakers!