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Thai Teachers Miami

Thai Courses in Miami / Online

Thai language

Teacher: Kanokporn Chai (Miami)

THTeacher from Thailand. Speaks English, Thai, Other.

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The lessons are for beginners contains speaking, listening, and reading / writing. The class is relaxed and fun. I teach via online Skype only . Before you purchase any classes please contact me for more informations.

Most my students learn Thai with me on Skype. It is easy and more convenience for students who live in distant. Before the class will be started, the documents or lessons will be sent to your email or Skype During the class, the computer screen will be shared and you will see the documents, video,or pictures. You will be allowed to login my blog to see some lesson videos for your practice and get some links that related to the lessons you are learning. For more info, please contact me

I offer 3 lessons for beginners.
Tourist Lessons

Tourists can easily get by speaking no Thai if they stick to the main tourist areas and establishments. However, if you want a richer holiday and fuller cultural experience, knowing a little Thai will definitely go a long way.

Let's make your trip in Thailand more enjoyable and easier with one hour of learning Thai. In this lesson you will learn vocabulary, sentences, and basic conversation. There are now 15 lessons, with each lesson lasting one hour. You can choose the lesson you like, such as greetings, food, customs, transportation, Muay Thai, or anything you prefer.

Speaking and Listening Lessons

If you plan to stay for a while, your ability to speak Thai will allow you to build more friendships. It will also give you independence for all those simple day to day tasks like ordering food, or going shopping.

This lesson is for everyone. If this isn't your first time to Thailand or you're going for a long vacation. I recommend you take this lesson. You will learn new vocabulary, culture, listening, speaking, and conversation.

Reading and Writing Lessons

Knowing Thai will allow you to start a business with a much greater chance of success than any non-Thai speaker would have. It can make it a great deal easier to land a higher paying expat job. The quality of your life in Thailand will be significantly better if you can speak Thai.


Lessons in person:

1900 Aloma Ave Winter Park, FL 32792
Herdon Library
4324 E Colonial Dr Orlando, FL 32803

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Hourly rates (USD $)

1 student$35.00
2 students$30.00
3 students or more$25.00

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Thai Teachers Bangkok

Thai Courses in Bangkok / Online

Thai for Beginner


THTeacher from Thailand. Speaks English, Thai.

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Thai language introduction and Thai tone.
Thai greetings  & self introduction in Thai.
Counting in Thai numbers.
Telling the date and time in Thai.
Composing simple Thai questions and answers.
Ordering food and beverages in Thai.
Shopping and bargaining the price.
Asking for directions.

บอกวัน & เวลาเป็นภาษาไทย

I apply International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in this course, so the students don't need to worry about the Thai alphabet and vowels at this stage. This will make the lessons easier and very straight to the point, according to the students's needs.


Lessons in person:

McDonald's@Central Plaza Grand Rama 9
Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400
Starbucks@Time Square Bldg.
246 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110
At home
In your office
In a public place

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Hourly rates (THB ฿ / USD $)

1 student฿1,000.00 [~$31.44]
2 students฿850.00 [~$26.72]
3 students or more฿650.00 [~$20.43]

Free registration

เรียนภาษาไทยค่ะ ทั้งการสนทนาระดับเบื้องต้นเพื่อการท่องเที่ยวและใช้ชีวิต ไปจนถึงการสนทนาและอ่านเขียนขั้นสูงเพื่อทำธุรกิจ

Learn Thai; Speaking, Reading and Writing with any level of interest—from beginners who interested to learn a few phrases for their trip to Thailand, foreigners who already live in Thailand, to advanced students who need to learn Thai for business, or plan to move to Thailand after their retirement.

The course is designed for students to be able to use Thai language in real life. Your lesson will be adapted as your purpose and it'll include some cultural tips that you need to know. You'll learn phases and sentences that Thai people really use along with theories by the book.


Lessons in person:

House Lib.
San Kamphaeng, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai 50130
In a public place
(Chiang Mai)

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Hourly rates (THB ฿ / USD $)

1 student฿250.00 [~$7.86]
2 students฿175.00 [~$5.50]
3 students or more฿125.00 [~$3.93]

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Spanish Teachers Berlin

Spanish Courses in Berlin / Online

Español, Cultura y Comunicación

Teacher: Carolina Gomez (Berlin)

COTeacher from Colombia. Speaks English, Italian, German.

Course details | Free registration

Aprende español a través de situaciones comunicativas en las que comprendes cómo la cultura y el comportamiento social caracterizan el lenguaje. El lenguaje es una habilidad humana y los idiomas reflejan características culturales y contextuales específicas, en un código común.

Learn Spanish through communicative situations in which you realize how culture and social behavior typify languages. Language is a natural human skill. Languages are the specific cultural and contextual features reflected on a common code. Learning spanish is easier when you acknowledged the contex

Imparare lo spagnolo è più facile quando si riconoscere il contesto attraverso situazioni comunicative in cui si vede come la cultura e il comportamento sociale caratterizzano le lingue. Il linguaggio è naturale abilità umana.

Focus on spontaneous conversation, we analize and understand language use and its form. Using online resources and interactive materials for the lessons, we build the most suitable class. Listening, writing, speaking will be comprehensive in lessons with communicative and intercultural approaches.


Lessons in person or online:

City library Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Frankfurter Allee 14 A, 10247 Berlin, Alemania
Shakespeare and Sons
Warschauer Str. 74, 10243 Berlin, Alemania
At home
In your office
In a public place
(Hangouts, Skype)

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€20.00 [~$22.27]
2 students€19.00 [~$21.16]
3 students or more€17.00 [~$18.93]
Spanish Courses
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