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Englisch für Anfänger / Konversation

Lehrer: Tania-Tom Giovo-Pagliaro (Berlin)

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Englisch lernen

Englisch für Anfänger / Konversation

(English for beginners / Conversational English)


Dieser Kurs bietet eine Basis der englischen Sprache . Es wird Ihre Fähigkeiten im Gespräch zu stärken. Ich kennen zu lernen Sie Ebene und arbeiten von dort aus. Ich habe einen Spaß und auch effizienter Ansatz für das Lernen Englisch

This course offers a base of the English language. It will strengthen your skills in conversation. I will get to know you level and work from there. I have a unique approach to learning english that is interactive, fun and efficient.

Questo corso offre una base per l'Inglese.Rafforzerà la tua abilità di conversare . Mi metterò a conoscenza di livello e lavorare da lì.Ho un approccio efficiente e anche divertente per imparare l'inglese


This course is unique because of my background in learning Italian on my own and also teaching English in a well known academia, I posses a unique approach to learning languages. I have to tricks to make learning not only fun but efficient. I can make my lessons relevant to subjects I found most useful. I tie in modern day ideas such as movies, music and literature into my course. I offer fun ways to practice conversation as well as grammatical exercises that are as much intriguing as useful.


My lesson plan depends on the current level of the students knowledge in English. I have taught beginners as well as students who have already attempted courses in English.
I revolve my lesson plan around fun ways to strengthen accents, listening comprehension, reading and writing skills. I initially focus on reflexive thinking in the language we are studying (i.e. lots of listening and talking). I will then slowly incorporate grammatical skills.
I work a lot with music, lyrics, movies, and other multimedia resources to help make learning more enjoyable for the students.

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Tania-Tom Giovo-Pagliaro

Stadt / Herkunftsland: Berlin

Muttersprache: Englisch

Sprachen: Italienisch


We offer informal conversation sessions in English at any level or need.

Tania (USA) and Tom (AUSTRALIA) have lived and travelled all over the world.

We love sharing and learning from new people, whatever age, interests or music taste.

Hit us up for a private session and we will have you rapping like Jay-Z in no time.

We teach both kids and adults, so check out how cool we are and let's meet up.

Oh, and ask for referrals too!

taniagiovo.com taniagiovo@gmail.com +49 176 653 467 18

tompags.com thomas.pagliaro1@gmail.com +49 163 22 68 435


I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Florida State University. I have taught with the London School for two years in Firenze, Italia.


I have taught English for almost 4 years now. First freelance with one on one type situations and then with the London School in Firenze.

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