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Analisis de generos Cinematograficos

Lehrer: Silvana Gonzalez (Buenos Aires)

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Analisis de generos Cinematograficos

(Genre Film Analysis)


Genero en el cine. Historia. Clasificacion: comedia, drama, terror, ciencia ficcion. Caracteristicas. Estetica. Temas recurrentes. Como analizar el guion. Codigos de color (paleta de colores) y sus significados. Puesta en escena y su influencia sobre el espectador. Tecnicas de acuerdo al genero.

Genre in the cinema. History. Classification: comedy, drama, horror, science fiction, among others. Characteristics. Esthetic. Recurring themes How to analyze the script Color codes (color palette) and their meanings. Staging and its influence on the viewer. Techniques according to genre.


If you are a movie enthusiast, this course will teach you to see the things that a normal viewer does not consciously recognize. Recognize what tools have been used to find the desired effect on the viewer. Analyze the characteristics of the film taking into account its gender and all that this implies: photography, camera management, script.

It is a practical theoretical course, you will see several films which we will later discuss and analyze.

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Film- und Videokurse, Buenos Aires
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Film- und Videokurse, Buenos Aires
Film- und Videokurse, Buenos Aires
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Silvana Gonzalez

Muttersprache: Spanisch

Sprachen: Spanisch, Englisch


¡Hola! Soy Silvana, tengo 32 años y soy fotógrafa profesional. He trabajado como fotógrafa durante los últimos 6 años cubriendo conciertos, eventos culturales y sociales. También me he desarrollado como foto periodista. Disfruto compartir mi conocimiento con otras personas y enseñarles cómo pueden lograr la imagen que tienen en sus cabezas en sus cámaras. Si eres un principiante en este mundo, estás buscando un pasatiempo nuevo o estás ansioso por aprender más, ¡me encantaría enseñarte!

Hi! I am Silvana, I´m 31 years old and a professional photographer from Argentina. I have had worked as a photographer for the past 6 years covering concerts, cultural and social events. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other people and teaching them how they can achieve the picture they have in their head into their cameras. If you are a beginner on this world, looking for a new hobby or eager to learn more, I would love to teach you!


Realizacion Cinematografica. Orientacion Cine de ficción. IDAC 2011. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fotografa Profesional. Nueva Escuela de Diseño y Comunicacion 2013. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Filmmaker Oriented to Fiction Films. Bachelors Degree. IDAC 2011. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Professional Photographer. Technical Degree. New School of Design and Communication. 2013. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I gave lessons on Basic Digital Photography in Buenos Aires.
Teach lighting schemes on my professional studio in Buenos Aires.
Participate on a workshop of Traveling Photography and Landscape in Madrid.
All this lessons were for people between their 20´s and 50´s.

Kurse von diesem Lehrer:

Fotografie lernen: Introducción a la Fotografía Digital

Fotografie lernen: Fotografía Documental

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