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Lehrer: Jeremy Leresteux (Berlin)

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Französisch lernen

Französisch Unterricht

(French lessons)


Der Unterricht hängt von Ihrem Niveau und den Zielen ab.
Erste Unterrichtsstunden für Anfänger konzentrieren sich auf die Aussprache von typischen Sätzen, um Konversation und Selbstübungen zu beginnen. Ich übernehme viel kulturelle Tatsache, um zu helfen, diese Sätze also die Sprachstruktur zu vers

Lessons depends on your level and goals.
First lessons for beginner focuses on pronounciation of typical sentences to start conversation and self practice. I incorporate lots of cultural fact to help understand those sentences therefore the language structure.


Teaching is dine using many different ressources, yet following a defined method that we can discuss; be a strong conversational approach or scolarly teachings.

Humour and informal conversations about any topics of interest "I learn while you learn. You teach while I teach!"


Program for diplom preparation: exercises on all 4 subjects (writing comprehension and production, oral comprehension and production): essays to write at home followed by oral presentation and informal discussion.

Program for children: learning while playing. Usage of books, video, songs,... to trigger interest.

Program for teenagers: Informal conversation but challenging their beliefs, building critical-thinking.

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Jeremy Leresteux

Stadt / Herkunftsland: France, Rennes

Muttersprache: Französisch

Sprachen: Französisch, Englisch



My name is Jeremy Leresteux. I am a native French from Rennes (West of France). I lived all around the world for the last 8 years (Paris, Moscow, Puducherry, Hong Kong, Montreal). I love travelling and meeting new people with whom I can share the passion of learning. While I teach, I also learn and while you learn, you teach me, too.

Tuition for TEF, TEFaQ, Interviews, AP, IB, SAT,... and International French Diploma DELF, DALF, TCF,...


Master's Degree of Science of languages, Didactic of languages from La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, 2010.


I taught in France, Denmark, India, Russia, Hong Kong and Berlin since 2009. I teach anyone from 4 years-old.

Lessons are tailored to each student using different books, music or movies to dispense knowledge of the french language and its culture.

I've helped students in Moscow win National contests (olympiads) and a young professional has been hired as official interpreter for the UN after 2 years with me. I collaborated with some language centers

In Hong Kong, grades of my students have greatly improved as well as their confidence to express themselves in French which has been praised by their school teachers. Three of my students passed DELF or DALF with scores higher than 85%.

I've taught 6 months to groups at the Alliance Francaise and mentored teenagers within a high-profile tutoring center in French.

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