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Book Club

Lehrer: Spencer Little (Hanoi)

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Book Club


Need to work on reading, speaking, retention and the ability to think on your feet? Over the course of this class, we will use various business focused articles and books to challenge our growth. Students will be responsible for preparing themselves accordingly.


The students will be responsible for researching articles that interest them. We will read aloud, correct pronunciation and ask/answer questions related to what we just read. Students will also be responsible for reading a book (to be chosen later) out of class. We will discuss each class and then the student will be responsible (with my guidance) for the preparation of a sales presentation based on the book.

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Planungskurse, Hanoi
Cafe: Cong Caphe
4F building, Trung Hoa street (Trung Yen urban area), Cầu Giấy 10000

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Spencer Little

Sprachen: Englisch


Hello, how are you? Are you wondering why your sales numbers are not as high as you would like for them to be? Do you want to be better prepared to tap into the Western Market? Do you just want to improve your conversational English or work on your writing skills? Whatever it may be, I can make it better. I'm from the Southern part of the United States where customer service is number 1! I have nearly 10 years sales, training and management experience backed by a Marketing degree, TEFL certification and a Master's degree in Business. If you want to improve yourself or your team, then send me a message and let's get your first training session scheduled.


Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Clemson University.

Graduate degree: Master of Business Administration, Charleston Southern University.

ESL certification: TEFL, The Language House in Prague, Czech Republic.


I have taught the following classes: Business English, Conversational English, Grammar, Vocabulary, Language Arts and Composition for ESL learners and native speakers. I have had students from ages 5 to 85, so everyone is welcome whatever your needs and expectations.

Kurse von diesem Lehrer:

Englisch lernen: Conversational English

Planung lernen: Sales Training

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