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Japanese for Beginners

Lehrer: Miho Hongo (Toronto)

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Japanisch lernen

Japanese for Beginners

(Un cours d'introduction au japonais)


It is 100% tailor-made to the needs of the students such as: travelling on business or for pleasure, living short/long term in Japan, building rapport with Japanese friends, colleagues or relatives, or personal interests in the Japanese culture. It is progressive and cumulative.


Because the course is tailor-made, the materials are provided on an ongoing basis and the students do not need to buy a book. The content focuses on sentence structures and vocabulary that are relevant to the specific needs of the students and remain open to requests. Throughout the course, there are constant reviews and repeated exercises so that students gain actual command of what they have learned. The quantity is limited to the realistic capacity of the students and their environment.


This is a sample program of 10-week course for a group of 2 to 4 beginners.
Week 1 - Basic Syllables and their pronunciation: the 'building blocks' of Japanese words are introduced.
Week 2 - Greetings: various styles of greetings commonly spoken by native speakers in recent years; cultural background behind these styles explained to help understand when the different greetings occur.
Week 3 - Self Introduction: Using a simple sentence structure, students learn how to say essentials such as “I am John...” , “I am Canadian”, etc.
Week 4 - Favourite Things: relevant vocabulary (e.g. food items), a basic sentence structure (e.g. “I like …../I don't like....”. "Do you like…?").
Week 5 - Favourite Things 2: continuing with the same sentence structure, further themes are explored to expand vocabulary (e.g. movies, sports, arts, etc.)
Week 6 – Ordering Food in a Restaurant: students practise expressions such as “May I have...?” “Is this meat/fish/vegetable?” and “This tastes great!”.
Week 7 - Money and Counting: simple numbers and counting system are introduced and incorporated into practical use (e.g. "May I have one beer and two sashimi plates?")
Week 8 - Getting around: this module focuses on assisting travellers to Japan in a realistic way. A list of vocabulary including “train”, “subway”, “ticket”, “near/far”, etc. is introduced.
Week 9 - Preparation of Skit: students consolidate what they have learned and construct a group skit.
Week 10 - Skit Presentation

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Miho Hongo

Stadt / Herkunftsland: Tokyo, Japan

Muttersprache: Japanisch

Sprachen: Englisch, Japanisch, Französisch


Hello, I am a native level bilingual speaker of Japanese and English with 20 years of experience in teaching both Japanese and ESL. I was born in Yokohama, Japan, grew up there and also in the USA. I am now living in Toronto, Canada permanently. My educational background includes Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (incl Japanese teaching method), Bachelor of Education Graduate Entry in Languages (ESL, Japanese), Master of Science.

I teach Japanese to the learners of all backgrounds: tourists, temporary visitors on business, spouses or relatives of Japanese, people planning to teach English there, or lovers of the Japanese culture at any level: absolute beginners, intermediate, advanced, university and business levels. There are no books to buy - materials that are tailor-made to your level/needs are provided on an ongoing basis.

Languages are great! They widen the horizon of your life and bring adventures! Go for Japanese, especially in the prospect of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!


Master of Science (Sociology), University of California, Davis, 1988
Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics; Japanese Teaching Method), University of Oregon, 1988
Bachelor of Education (ESL, Japanese),Griffith University, 2004


2015 – Current
Position Japanese Instructor
Employer Language Tutors
Duties Instructing intermediate level Japanese to a class of Canadian-Japanese family.

2006 – Current
Position Interpretation/Translation (English-Japanese) Freelancer
Duties Live and written bidirectional translation of English-Japanese. Work

Position Japanese Instructor
Employer Mizuho Corporate Bank, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Duties Instructing Japanese to 20 Australian employees for daily communication

Position Language Instructor (Japanese and English)
Employers North Brisbane Institute of TAFE; International Languages, Brisbane, QLD.; Language Studies International, Brisbane, QLD. Berlitz Japan Inc. Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan; LADO International College, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; YMCA Yokohama, Japan
Duties Instructing native English speakers requiring introductory Japanese for living in and visiting Japan; teaching English as a second language to Japanese students.

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